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Stories I Wrote

God Willing
Chocolate Mint Pie
Potato Latkas

Free Marc Emery
Respecting Intellectual Property
Open Letter To President Bush on the Signing of the REAL ID Act
Get Thee Behind Me, Bushnev
An Open Letter to George W. Bush: Detention, treatment, and trial of alleged terrorists *
Response to Walters
RKBA Responsibilities
Big Government Looks Guilty Now
Why the Peace Flag?
Political Carry
Interdiction Insanity
No Reevaluation Needed
Drug War Responsible for Overdose Deaths
Letter to Asa Hutchinson
Waco Justice
Stopping School Shootings
No More Infringements
Hate Crimes in New York
Why I Won't Vote in 2000
Voting Is Evil
Drug Boosters
Hemp: the Emperor of the Plant Kingdom
Prohibition Doesn't Work
Save Hemp
An Unwinnable War on Drugs
Linda Hamilton Rally Report, 11 April 2001
Gore's Greatest Bong Hits
Clinton's 2000 State of the Union Address

From the Mouths of Babes
The Engineers Drinking Song
Math Fun
Einstein's Puzzle

Three Java Web Servers

Neck Resizing for AR-15 Reloading
Shooting My First Hand Load

Stories Written by Others
(author unknown if not attributed)

Something for Stevie
A Visitor from the Past by Thelen Paulk
Information Please
Your Life in a Parachute... by Alice Lasher
To Kill An American
The Awakening
A Red Marble
I Wish You Enough
The Female of the Species by Rudyard Kipling
An Ode to America
How the Binch Stifled Uville
Would *You* Stand Up? -- A True Story
After A While by Veronica A. Shoffstall
Do It Anyway by Mother Teresa
Still Small Voice
Letter from God
Ice Cream for the Soul
Watch and Listen
I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read
The Greatest Speech Ever Made - Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator"
A Sweet Lesson on Patience

150 Greatest Robin Williams Jokes
Patriot Microchip
High School -- 1957 vs 2007
Hollywood Squares Jokes
Deer Roper
Tools and Their Real Uses
The Power of Makeup
The end of the world by Paul Hinge, aka Running-Water, aka Baby Jesus
A Shocking Anniversary Gift
Squirrel Encounter
The FCC Song by Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame)
The Gospel According to John (Moses Browning, that is...)
Blood for Odin
25 questions about heterosexuality
A Letter to Our Government
Bathing Cats
Bush Scam
Democrats' Explanation of Tax Cuts
The Politically Correct Twelve Days of Euro-Centric Imposed Mid-Winter Festival
A Bill To Regulate The Hunting And Harvesting Of Attorneys
Merry Christmas--From America's New Homeland Security
Philosophy for Life
Mexico was also target for 9-11
Wyoming Rules
You Know You're From Wyoming When:
Left-Right Conflict
A Man and His Dog
Alternative Uses for Coke
A New and Deadly Drug Menace
Letter from Camp
Letter Home from College by Chelsea
49 Things You Wish You Could Say at Work
Rules That Guys Wish That Girls Knew
Impressing the Opposite Sex
Odds and Ends
Stayin' Alive
New Words for 2000

Hand to Hand Combat - from Army Field Manual: FM 21-150
Paintball by David Engbers
Did You Know? - some uncommon uses of common household substances
WD40 - history and uses

A Declaration of Separation by Free and Unashamed
Against Woman Suffrage
by Lysander Spooner
A Declaration of Civil Disobedience by Marko Kloos
Trespass by shevek
America, Inc by Ray at
There Will Be No Revolution by George Potter
The Uplifters Try It Again by H.L. Mencken
An Open Letter, NID and Drinking by The Dunedan
I Will Never Call the Police by Silver
On The Decay of the Art of Lying by Mark Twain
The Complete and Undeniable Truth: A Message To The Voting Cattle by Larken Rose
Nullification: Individual and Collective Uses by Iloilo M. Jones
Juror Pay by Iloilo M. Jones
They Count on Your Greed to Trump Your Compassion by Iloilo M. Jones
Your Lies Aren't Working Any More by Iloilo M. Jones
Open your Eyes... and WAKE UP
Committing Poetry in Time of War by Bill Nevins
Remember the Lessons of the 20th Century
Remember, Remember the 29th of September by E. Stewart Rhodes
Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks - Stanley Hilton via
Washington Delende Est by Frank Ney
Don't Close the Blinds by Commander Martin
Hitler Quotes by Adolf Hitler
Darrell Scott Testimony on the Columbine High School shootings
Revolution X by Courtney Butler
The Constitution: A Sovereign's Tool for Self-defense? by Elias Alias
Isaiah's Job by Albert Jay Nock
It CAN Happen Here
An Email from a Captain in Iraq via Joe H. Engle
The Unsung Ballad of Suijurisfreeman by Winston Ward Johnson
Where Do We Go from Here? by L. Neil Smith
No More @#$%^&*! Ping-Pong by L. Neil Smith
My Political Plans by L. Neil Smith
Happy What? by L. Neil Smith
The Hanover Street Shoe-Shine Boys by Oliver Klozovat
A Declaration of Individual Independence by Oliver Klozovat
Independence Day by Kurt Amesbury
What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....? by Mike Vanderboegh
Freedom on a Leash by Secret Squirrel
Farber's First Essay, from A Lodging of Wayfaring Men
IRAQ by Senator Robert Byrd
I am a Nigger - An Assay of Truth by Alan R. Weiss
How to Respond to Contempt in the Courtroom
Limited Circumstances, Color Code of Readiness by Mike Straw
The Farewell Address of President George Washington
being there, being here by Joel Miller
A letter to the London Observer from Terry Jones
L. Neil Smith quotes
Sundown at Coffin Rock by Raymond K. Paden
A Declaration of Civil Disobedience by lendringser
Yes, I'm A Bad American by George Carlin
The Addiction Series: Part I by Patrick K. Kroupa
Authorization of the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq by Robert Byrd
Congress Must Resist the Rush to War by Robert Byrd
Addiction is a hole in your soul by Patrick K. Kroupa
Ibogaine Works by Patrick K. Kroupa
The War Inevitable by Patrick Henry
Tax Cuts Explained by Bernie Baltic
A Declaration of Civil Disobedience by lendringser
Atrocities In American Airports by Ricardo Abude E. da Silva
Politically Motivated Book Reviews by L. Neil Smith
Stereotyping of Native Americans by Bob Maxim
All Hail Fatherland Security: Has the time come to shoot the bastards? by Liz Michael
Having difficulty telling the good guys from the bad guys? by Daniel Solnit
New FAA Rules Post 9/11/2001
The Delphi Technique. What Is It? by Lynn M Stuter
What July Fourth Means to Me by Ronald Reagan
Real Reason for SSN by Walter J. Burien, Jr
Rules for Submissions to The Libertarian Enterprise by John Taylor
The Second Amendment by Senator Craig
Why I Will Not Obey California's Gun Registration Edict by Brian Puckett
DEA -- DOA by the staff of The Federalist
The New School Prayer
Dear Peace Officer by 100 Million Real Americans
Waco Investigator Dead by Phil Murphy and David Hardy
Diet Drink Anyone? by Nancy Markle
Golden Horns, told by Stephen Gaskins
Gore and Bush Debate, and Lehrer clarifies the rules
Reasons to Own a Gun by Joy Skilmer (AKA Lyn Nofziger)
Unemployment: The Goal of the Minimum Wage by Michael D Hensley
DNC Tax Refunds

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