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This page is a guide to the features of End the War on Freedom.

First, you may be confused by my slogan: "Ramblings of an agorist wizard".

Agorism is revolutionary market anarchism, made real by counter-economics. An agorist is an advocate or conscious practitioner of counter-economics. It was first described by Samuel Edward Konkin III (SEK3) in New Libertarian Manifesto (219K PDF).

I call myself a wizard because I'm very good at writing computer code. I wrote Lisplog, the code that runs this blog, and Truledger, an anonymous, digitally-signed general ledger and trading system, both in Lisp.

On to the blog details.

The "Search" box at right side of the top of each page is a Google site search. I may eventually implement a local search, but it's not high on my priority list, since Google does a very good job of indexing this site.

At the top of the left column is an orange "XML" icon, which links to my RSS feed. Add it to your favorite RSS aggregator to see new posts. The "Skype me!" image has a "callto" link to contact me on Skype. Text first, please. To help pay my hosting costs, you can donate with Pecunix or Paypal (the yellow "Donate" button). Please do!

The "Navigation" section links to sections of my site. "home" goes to my home page, billstclair.com, where I have links to lots of static content. Good essays and photos there. Check it out. "blog home" goes to the index page of this blog, as does clicking on the "End the War On Freedom" banner in the top-left-hand corner of each page. "settings" takes you to a login screen. If you have registered and logged in, it will allow you to logout. More dynamic features coming. "links" goes to my old, out-of-date links page. "blogroll" goes to a page of links to sites I frequent and banners of projects I supprt. "news aggregator" takes you to a Google Reader aggregator of the RSS feeds of sites I follow. I visit there daily to find stories worth highlighting with blog posts. "stories" is my page of stories, written by me and others. "gloryroad" goes to my archive of the writings of George Potter. "vin" is an ancient archive of the writings of Vin Suprynowicz. "faq" is a link to this page.

The "History" section contains links to pages aggregating all the posts in the blog. Each month page contains a section for each day of that month, including each post for that day with every outgoing link for that post. Each year page contains a list of all posts for each month of that year.

On the index page only is a "Recent Comments" section, showing the last 10 comments.

The "Quotes" section contains quotes I like by people I respect, largely L. Neil Smith. They're on every page for a reason. Read them.

At the top right-hand side of each post, below the blue title line, is a list of the categories for that post (usually only one category), with links to the previous and next post in that category, e.g.:

    <== Politics ==>

"<==" is a link to the previous post. "==>" is a link to the next post. It's a circular list, so the next link for the newest post goes to the oldest post, and the previous link for the oldest post goes to the newest post. I intend to make an index page for all the categories, with the last 10 posts for each.

At the bottom of each story on the index page, and before and after the comments on a post page, are three links. The first one allows you to "Add comment". If there ARE already comments, then the index page shows you the comment count, and you have to click that before you can comment (to encourage reading other comments before adding your own). If you're logged in, your comments will be immediately visible on the site. If not, you need to solve a simple arithmetic problem, to prove you're a human (or a Lisplog-savvy bot), and your comment will not appear until I have moderated it. Include an obvious commercial link that is not directly related to the post on which you're commenting, and I will delete it.

There are also "Edit post" and "Add post" links below each post. Those bring up a login page if you're not logged in, or an error page telling you you're not allowed to do that, unless your account has admin or poster permission.

You can register here by clicking the "Register a new account" link on the login page or at the top of the "Add Comment" page. You'll be sent an email with a link to click on to complete your registration. If you're logged in, you can post comments without captcha or moderation, and you can edit and delete your own comments.

I want to stress again to read the quotes in the left-hand column, visit my home page, look at the stories page, read George Potter's writings, and, above all, have fun.


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