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Mke Vanderboegh at The War on Guns - entire essay quoted below. [codrea]

(Author's note: David has recently taken me to task, not without reason, for being too long winded. Therefore, I have written the mini-essay below just for War on Guns.)

"Tell me," I was once asked, "What do you think about gun control? Give me the short answer." To which I replied, "If you try to take our firearms we will kill you."

The End

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Soldiers Oath

Submitted by AnonymousSoldier on Mon, 13 Jul 2009 01:23:40 GMT

By Oath, US Soldiers are bound by oath to "...Support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...". Disregarding our sworn oath is not only treason, but it's cowardly and Un-American. So in the event that some politician, UN soldier, or misguided policeman shows up at my door to claim my firearms, He'll be treated no different than a terrorist... Two to the chest, One to the head with an unmarked burial in my backyard. Killing a man that doesn't belong in this country to start with won't burden my conscious.

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