Barrowman to Return to Torchwood Mini-Series

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 08 Jun 2008 11:25:28 GMT  <== Entertainment ==> 

John Scott Lewinski at Wired - I just yesterday watched the last episodes in seasons 1 and 2 of the BBC's Torchwood series. Downloaded them from iTunes. There was one really bad episode in season 1, but the rest of them were fun. Some were very good. Every episode starts with Barrowman saying: "Torchwood. Outside the government. Beyond the police. Fighting for the future on behalf of the human race. The twenty-first century is when everything changes. And Torchwood is ready." (In the first season that last sentence is "And you've gotta be ready.") John Barrowman plays the leader of a 3-man, 2-woman team that protects the world from a space-time rift centered in their small English town.

The BBC plans to start filming in August a short, five-episode third season, to be shown as a mini-series in one week. I look forward to it.

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I never saw it, but it

Submitted by Scott Hughes on Sun, 08 Jun 2008 16:19:07 GMT

I never saw it, but it sounds interesting.

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geographic quibble

Submitted by Ken Hagler on Mon, 09 Jun 2008 02:26:59 GMT

I like Torchwood too. However, I have to point out that it's set in Cardiff, which as the capital of Wales is neither small nor English. :-)

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Thanks for the correction.

Submitted by on Mon, 09 Jun 2008 09:17:18 GMT

Thanks for the correction. Wikipedia says that "Cardiff is the capital and largest city of Wales." Population: 317,500.

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