A Declaration of Individual Independence

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 26 Jun 2003 18:05:26 GMT
by Oliver Klozovat
[copied from here]

When in the lives of free men, it becomes necessary to dissolve the political bonds of self and state, it is altogether fitting and proper that the causes which impel them to separation be stated in open declaration.

I hold this truth to be objective and rationally sustainable, that all men are morally entitled by right, to act in accordance with the dictates of their own will, provided their actions do not infringe upon the equal ability of others to do likewise. I recognize this principle as the foundation upon which my right to self-determination is morally established.

In an effort to secure this right, the government of the United States was instituted, deriving its limited power from the consent of the governed. But as ultimately befalls all governments, the United States has become destructive to this end. It has claimed unto itself powers not granted. It has perverted the understanding of rights and liberty. It has asserted democracy and state as ends in themselves, rather than means to the morally justifiable end of defense of individual rights. It has systematically destroyed the autonomy of its subjects by regulation, subjugation, theft, coercion, and violence.

I have petitioned the government for fair redress of these grievances, and have done so in good faith. I have asked that government desist in its theft of my property for redistribution to those it deems more worthy. I have requested that government cease its intrusive and violent regulation of my otherwise peaceful actions. I have protested the extortion of funds by government, for the execution of foreign intrigue and military adventurism.

But my objection to an ever-growing trend of abuses has fallen upon deaf ears. Under these circumstances, it is unreasonable to assume any intent for government, other than to reduce men to serfdom, toiling under absolute despotism for the advancement of collectivist ideals. It is therefore consistent with my right of self-determination to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for my future security.

In accordance with my principles, I recognize my right to alter or to abolish my association with government, and to institute direct control of my own life in such form as to most likely secure my safety and happiness. While I did not offer my consent initially, it is generally assumed that consent to be governed is inherent in my choice to continue living within the geographical confines of the United States.

I reject such an assertion, but am nevertheless compelled to state my intent clearly. I hereby formally withdraw my consent to be governed by agents of the government of the United States, and will henceforth seek to sever any contribution to its advancement. I declare myself a free and sovereign individual. I commit to living in peace with my fellow men and will foreswear the initiation of force or fraud in accordance with my principles.

In Liberty,

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Independent ?

Submitted by Charlie Bonifacio on Wed, 15 May 2013 13:16:55 GMT

Unfortunately, sir, the propensity of many is to abuse this aspect of your declaration: "provided their actions do not infringe upon the equal ability of others to do likewise". The tendency of many who's sole mode of operation is "Individual Independence" is to willingly or inadvertently infringe on the rights of others.

Even if you declare yourself "Independent", when you walk off your property, you walk on sidewalks paid for by others, drive on roads built by the government, suck electricity from a grid you don't own and perhaps earn money from an institution that pays taxes and has regulatory oversight from a government overseer.

Unless you are a homeless person, and perhaps even if you are a homeless person, you rely on a dependent relationship with others. And to express you have no moral responsibility for the well being of others denies that we are all codependent on this planet. Our lives stand on the shoulders of many lives before us, we can exchange ideas like this because of many shoulders that have contributed something before us to the good of society.

Independent? Live in a bubble or on a deserted island. We live in a grand human society where there is something beyond the interests of the individual to align with.

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