Christmas, 2005

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 25 Dec 2005 13:00:00 GMT
# Michael Naimark - How to ZAP a Camera: Using Lasers to Temporarily Neutralize Camera Sensors I've linked to this before, but I'm doing it again for our friends in the U.K. [beck]

# Billy Beck - Done - Mr. Beck got an unusual present for his two-year-old neice. My guess is that she'll really like it. Only problem I see is that young kids like that tend to put things in their mouths. But then, I don't know his neice. Maybe she doesn't. [beck]

# Declan McCullagh at - E-tracking, coming to a DMV near you - the Brits plan to track everyone with number-plate-recognizing cameras. Here in the U.S., our gummint has a much harder to defeat idea, GPS recorders in every vehicle, potentially tied to the ignition so that defeating one would render the vehicle inoperable. Oh, joy. [nicki]

# Iran Focus via Liberty Forum - Iran hails "first Islamist Arab state" in Iraq Fri. 23 Dec 2005 - an editorial in a hard-line Iranian newspaper hailed the results of the Iraqi election. [whatreallyhappened]

Kayhan said the election outcome will "increase pressures, both inside and outside the U.S., on [President George W.] Bush to withdraw American troops from Iraq". "Bush will have to give in and withdraw the bulk of his forces from Iraq in the next few months", the daily, which reflects the views of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote.

The paper listed the consequences of American withdrawal from Iraq, describing the current situation in Iraq as "the biggest crisis America has faced in recent decades".

"The American defeat and withdrawal from Iraq will forever bury the Neoconservative current in the U.S.,...while the formation of an Islamist state in Iraq, which will be a natural ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will form a contiguous link between Iran and Palestine through Syria and Lebanon, will bring about a sea change in the geo-strategic balance in the region in favour of Iran and to America's detriment. This new alliance with its huge size will directly influence all developments in the Arab and Muslim Middle East".
WhatReallyHappened said about this:
Congratulations Bush. You destroyed the only secular government in the region and created yet another fanatical theocracy that hates America.

Nice going.

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