The Constitution: A Sovereign's Tool for Self-defense?

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 19 Feb 2004 16:30:22 GMT
By Elias Alias
[from this LRTDiscuss message, posted here with his permission]

I was raised Christian. A host of experiences, beginning with Viet Nam and continuing on into marriage and divorce-courts and prison (marijuana offenses) and business enterprises and finally old age itself, served all together to strip me of my ability to conceive of a "God" as I had originally been presented by family, school, and social institutions including organized religion. Why I mention this is because it occurs to me now to note for this thread that we "live and learn". We cannot "unlearn" what we've learned truly, and we cannot "un-see" what we've come to see through the paths of experiential evolution in our individual lives. I now see that the whole of Christianity is merely a convenient "control device" kept close to the breast of the State, a series of fictions inserted into people's lives by a controlling collective of power-owners. I do not expect you to buy that, but for me, it is my truth. Like I said, I'm speaking subjectively here. Most people simply cannot envision a Universe without some deity whom they refer to as "God". I have gained that capability, but I also recall my naive youth in which I could not have imagined a world without a "God". Today, I am happy, grateful, and blessed to have got past the tremendous brain-wash of Christianity.

Along my path in this life, I also have gotten past the externalization of authority. I do not need some damned Government to order my life according to its cheating rules and greedy power-plays. Yet when I was young, I did take that oath about protecting/defending the US Constitution from enemies without and within, as it goes. I played the Patriot game; my country sent forth the call to arms, and I answered gladly. While playing the Patriot game, I found the key to quit playing the Christianity game. Something of a silver lining about a cloud, as we could say.

There was a great deal of personal responsibility which was ushered into my life at the time I was put in prison for smoking my herbs. Once I saw from behind prison bars that according to this goddamn State (government) I could not be a self-owner, I began my long plight up the path which would lead me to my "sovereignty" as a soul in a human body, born here through the bone gates of Natural birth, with no credit for the feat attributable to either a government or a corporation or any other social institution.

As a sovereign, I've been permitted by kindly fates to accomplish my goals as I and only I see fit and proper. My chief goal is the displacement within my own soul and mind of all illusion, all error, all "projection". Truth is that which remains when all illusion has been stripped away. Mine is a lonely perspective, but one filled with the grandeur and miraculous abundance of beauty, joy, and happiness. It is from that perspective that I would like to speak with you and Iloilo and the Law Hobbit.

Just as I have no purpose in depriving those caught up in the sleep-states of obedience to past dictates such as the laws of Moses or contemporary organized religion, I also have no truck with tearing down forcefully those comfortable dream-states in which most Americans today toil and suffer under Statist abuses. Like Iloilo noted, and others here also have said it: I did not sign the damned document [Constitution], and I do not hold myself to be a captive slave to it. I and I alone decide my every deed, my every action, my every thought, motive, mood, and aspiration. I do not require some goddamned government to assist me in living my life or seeing reality. (Good thing, that, for were it left up to government to discern truth, this world would have long ago blown itself up! lol!)

However: within my Christian background, I found many noteworthy concepts regarding "morality" and "honor" and "conscience" and etc and etc. I took many wonderful concepts from Christianity and incorporated them into my new self, my perpetually-evolving self, and treasure them there to this day, despite the fact that I have not darkened the door of a church since returning from the war in 1967. Those values have stood me well, and have enabled me to share goodness with countless people who have never gone through the experience of being Christian.

Same thing applies to our current discussion regarding the Constitution. Yes, I once took that oath to defend it. Today, of course, I know full well that there is nothing to defend. It is merely a beginning point from which a grand shell-game is launched and perpetuated.

Yet I avidly preach to people today the dire importance of uniting in defense of the Constitution, even though I'm like Iloilo one-hundred percent in knowing that no piece of "legal" paper means doodly-squat to me or my life. Why do I urge my neighbors to defend and honor the Constitution? Because under the current New World Order's global government, which is none other than the Empire of Amerika, Inc., the first obvious defense free people have is their power to demand of their representative bureaucrats that they follow the letter of the law in government's founding legal document. THAT is why our Federal-level politicians now are trashing the document. People seeking to establish global governance in the name of America have every intention of enslaving the American people right alongside those folks of every other nation on earth. That is the object of globalism. The Constitution of the United States of America is the last bulwark standing against their realization of their goal. As Brzezinski puts it, "moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multi-cultural society, it shall be more difficult to obtain a consensus on foreign policy, except in the circumstances of a massive, widely-perceived, direct external threat"..... (paraphrased by memory from page 211 in Brzezinski's 1998 book, "The Grand Chessboard". Brzezinski is a buddy of Kissinger, a founder of the Trilateral Commission, and a member of the CFR, in addition to other nefarious activities and crimes.) Brzezinski has told the people at PNAC and the criminal Cabinet of G.W. Bush just how to use the CIA-created terrorism for the establishment of an American "consensus" on foreign policy, which Ashcroft has instrumentally orchestrated with the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001, the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, and now, the Victory Act I and Victory Act II. General Franks, commanding General of Central Command which "liberated" Iraq last year for Bush and the globalizing Junta, has declared publicly that in the event of another massive "terrorist" attack, we shall have to dismiss the Constitution and replace it with a Military Government. The man has said this publicly! CIA has kept bin Laden primed and ready so he can launch that event, with their help---just as they helped al Qaeda pull off 911----and voila, you and me are gone off to the great FEMA camps in the sky, right......

Since I'm given to verbosity, I'll just go back to what I said above and close here. Truth is what remains when all illusion has been stripped away. I've got incontrovertible proof, in my possession, that Bill Clinton, as governor of Arkansas, was indeed involved with Oliver North of the NSC, Bill Casey of the CIA, George H.W. Bush of the Reagan Administration, and others in a conspiracy which brought several hundreds of TONS of cocaine into Mena, Arkansas. CIA distributes "illegal" drugs world-wide to keep the bubble on Wall Street afloat. Washington DC assists in that criminal enterprise. The war in Iraq was planned. The CIA used bin Laden as an asset for years, and is still using him unwittingly to accomplish the levering deeds needed by the globalizing socialist bankers, who print the industrialized nations' money and own their debts. It only takes ten hours to present my case, if anyone wants to devote a day to viewing my collection of evidence. We are under massive attack by forces within our seats of governance. Tyranny is upon us, now. The Constitution is one of the few remaining weapons we have left at our disposal for fighting the coming holocaust of a tyrannical military-industrial complex backed by global socialism.

And even though I am blessed with perspectives and perceptions which Christianity precludes from its constituencies, I encourage Christians everywhere to continue to see through the symbolism of the book of Revelations, which possesses the first-known format symbolizing what is befalling this world today. I have several Christian contacts here in Montana, with whom I share information and documentation. Even though I'm not a Christian. You see, I know what the Christian sees and experiences, for I've walked more than twenty years in the Christian's boots. The Christian does not know what I can see, now that I've got past the memes of spiritual bondage to archaic myths and fairy-tales which themselves were given as social control devices available for use by political/governmental "leaders". (Consider in point the legend of Lot, who offered the queers who wanted to butt-fuck those two angels from God who had come to examine whether Sodom and Gomorah should be spared or not.)

And I speak up for the adherence to the Constitution every day to numerous people out here in Montana, even though I shall never be bound by any man-made government.

Why? Because right now, at this moment, we NEED every American of every stripe to awaken to what is incrementally happening.

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