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# Linda Hamilton - Thank You - appreciation for the few people who helped Linda with her unjustified arrest and railroading.

# George Orwell - Animal Farm - thanks to Brewster Kahle's archive.org, this etext from 1998 is still available. It includes the entire book on one web page. 172K. [odell]

# Bureaucrash - E-Crash - allows you to send an electronic "postcard" containing one of a large number of freedom-oriented images. My favorites: "Smoking Is Healthier Than Fascism" and "Free Tommy Chong": [lrtdiscuss]

Smoking Is Healthier Than Fascism
Free Tommy Chong

# CNS News - Million Moms Planning Another Anti-Gun Rally - the 40,000 Mortified Moms plan to gather again in DC to promote victim disarmament. They want to take away our homeland defense rifles. The Brady Campaign has a news release about the rally. The rally web page is www.mmm2004.com. [geneice]

They're calling their rally the "Halt the Assault Weekend."

# Second Amendment Sisters - Second Amendment Freedoms for Everyone Rally - countering the 40,000 moms, the 2a Sisters will be holding S.A.F.E.R. on Mother's Day in DC. Here's their flyer (48K PDF), converted to HTML: [claire]

Supporting / Attending
(Second Amendment Freedoms for Everyone Rally)

Mother's Day 2004
Washington, D.C.

Second Amendment Sisters, Inc: Self Defense is a basic human right.

Presents the S.A.F.E.R. event on May 9th, 2004 in Washington, D.C. We will be going up against the so-called "Million" Mom March yet again!

All gun owners need to be involved in this historic event! We didn't let them get away with it in 2000, and we're not going to let them get away with it in 2004.

Please join us in Washington, D.C. or send your support via a monetary donation. Remember, we are an entirely volunteer grassroots organization; we can't do this without your help.

Donations may be sent to Second Amendment Sisters at 900 R.R. 620 S, Suite C-101 Box 228, Austin, TX 78734 Rally inquiries may be made at 877-798-2828, or visit our website for updates.

# David Codrea at Liberty Belles - Disregarding Laws We Oppose: An Open Letter to the San Francisco Civil Authority - San Francisco's civil "authoroties" have decided to allow gay marriages. After all, nobody gets hurt. Mr. Codrea tells them that he, too, is a member of a group against which many people are prejudiced, and asks if these "authorities" would look the other way should he practice his peaceful habits in San Francisco. Well said. [geekwitha.45]

I am a gun owner and I live a gun owner life style.

I don't know if I was born with a tendency to be this way, or if it was an acquired disposition. All I know is, I don't see why I should be forced to change. Truth be known, I like owning guns, and am happy with who I am. I hope I suffer no repercussions by "coming out of the safe," but I just can't hide the truth any longer.

We gun owners have been living and working among you. Our kids go to school with yours. We may be your doctor, or minister, or your child's teacher. We may even work in city administration, or the courts, or on the police force. And we are sick of being abused for simply being who we are, all because of hoplophobic* prejudice and fear. We don't see any reason why we should have to put up with it any more.

Which brings me back to my dilemma and the reason I am writing you.

You have shown progressive thinking and tolerance for that which the majority condemns. So I was thinking of coming up to San Francisco and exercising my right to keep and bear arms, maybe showing up at City Hall with a state-banned AR-15 and a couple 30-round magazines, and also carrying several pistols concealed without a permit.

Yes, I know, it will be a violation of California laws, but you've shown that you're willing to disregard those when it serves your goals. And because I am a peaceable citizen, I should easily meet Judge Warren's criterion that no immediate damage would be done by allowing this.

# New Hampshire Legislature - SB454, relative to carrying a concealed weapon without a license is scheduled to be considered on the floor of the Senate today. Look for changes to this bill's status over the next few business days. The New Hampshire law repealed by this bill is RSA 159:4 Carrying Without a License. Unless you have a license, carrying a loaded pistol or revolver in a vehicle or concealed on your person is currently a misdemeanor for the first offense and a class B felony for subsequent offenses.

# Dinesh C. Sharma at CNET via ZDNet - Iris scanning to begin at German airport - begins Saturday in Frankfurt. Will match iris scans to scanned passport data. [eff]

"It must be guaranteed that the registered biometric characteristic can be matched absolutely correctly," Otto Schily, Germany's minister of the interior, said in a statement. "Iris recognition is currently considered to be the most secure biometric system."

# Ronald N. Neff at The Last Ditch - "Gun-control" libertarians - why constitutions don't work. [notreasonblog]

The simple fact is that law-control will be as dismal a failure -- indeed, has already been as dismal a failure -- as gun-control or drug-control. For the same reasons, and pretty much in the same way.

# Ed Henry at The Price of Liberty - What's The Rush? Count Votes By Hand - all this noise about problems with Diebold's electronic voting machines could be silenced overnight by a return to paper ballots counted by hand. So everybody shut up and just do it. OK? [price]

# J.J. Johnson at Sierra Times - he Great Western Alliance Conference: A Public Discourse on the Free State Project - May free states sprout like weeds all over the world! No need to limit the freedom to New Hampshire. [sierra]

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