Scattering a Gun Nut's Ashes

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:00:00 GMT
Dana Summers at Marc Brands Liberty - Justice is Duck Blind - cartoon commentary on what Cheney and Scalia are doing to justice in Amerika. Hehe. Slightly marred by the fact that Ms. Summers drew Mr Cheney holding a rifle instead of a shotgun, but most people won't notice this. [smith2004]

# John Ross - JR Prepares for a Trip to Sin City, or Guns, Gear, Gals, Gambling, Grub, and Good Times at the SHOT Show - a couple of stories of Mr. Ross' adventures in Nevada. Nothing whatsoever about the SHOT show, but very good stories. Don't miss it.

# Auslan Cramb at The Telegraph - Husband's ashes used for shotgun cartridges - what a nice way to scatter your ashes. Hehe. [scopeny]

# Claire Wolfe at Backwoods Home Magazine - The Hardyville Beginners Guide to Encrypt**n - why and how to start using PGP.

# Edgar J. Steele - The Truth Shall Make You Mad - on the proliferation of laws forbidding speech, especially if that speech concerns Jews. Mr. Steele claims that America is the only country left in the world where he could write this article without being imprisoned. And that won't last here for long. And, unlike many of my posts, his article didn't propose that anyone be hanged or physically hurt.

Once upon a time in America, truth was an absolute defense to any charge of libel or slander. Indeed, the whole point of trials and open-court litigation was pursuit of the truth. No more. Trust me - I'm a lawyer (said with a straight face, too).

Throughout my career as a trial lawyer, always I have given the following advice to my clients, be they plaintiffs or defendants: "Just tell the truth. Then you never have to worry about what to say or what you already might have said." Whenever a client then has lied during the course of a case and refused to let me tell the other side and do my best to compensate for that lie, that client has had to find a new lawyer on the spot. Admittedly, mine is a minority opinion in a profession that richly deserves all that is said about it.

Nowadays, though I still insist upon the truth (call it a weakness), I tell my clients that likely it is irrelevant what they say. Of course, most of my clients these days are politically incorrect. As I have pointed out at length elsewhere (see " Injustice for All," for example), there simply is no justice to be obtained for the politically incorrect in America these days.


Many ask why I so condemn the Jews. In truth, it is a minority of Jews to whom I really object: the Jewish supremacists.

If you feel negatively about White supremacism, then merely imagine that same concept, but from the point of view of the oppressed in Palestine; that's Jewish supremacism, also known as Zionism these days. Through silence, the rest of the Jews let the Zionists get away with their brand of supremacism; they allow the transgressors to fall back into their ranks and hide behind the hurled epithet of "antiSemite."

Those who stand silently and wait also serve, as they say, so the Jewish bystanders properly are charged with the crimes of their supremacist brethren. That is why I rail against Jews, not just Zionists.

# United States American National Volunteer Intervention League,, Until the Colors Fade "is a grassroots organization designed to assist any Patriotic American stand against tyranny in any form. Our sole purpose is to defend the Constitution against all that would attempt to subvert this document into something other than the foundation of this country. We attempt to have links to or direct contact with whoever or whatever you need to fight a corrupt city, state, or Federal Government that attempts to force unconstitutional rules, fines, fees, taxes, imminent domain land theft, or any other social communist invasion upon private citizens. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we are guaranteed and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are what we will have." [stanleyscoop]

We are the only group that guarantees, you can sit on your butt, keep your mouth shut and be heard around the world.

# John Ross - The Heavy Magnum DA Revolver Market From an Engineering and Marketing Standpoint, or How Smith & Wesson Could Double Their Market Share With a $25,000 Tooling Investment - A long analysis of the current market for heavy magnum double-action revolvers concluding with a recommendation that Smith & Wesson make a shortened version of the X-frame on their .500 S&W Magnum and offer it chambered in a number of calibers.

I'm a revolver guy. I hate loading magazines. I hate bending over to pick up fired brass. I hate the complexity of malfunction drills for semiautos. I hate the inherent inaccuracy of a firearm whose sights and whose barrel are not rigidly joined. And I hate that the few truly powerful auto pistols that have ever been brought to market have all had some combination of these shortcomings: Unreliable, prone to breakage, hideously ugly, ridiculously ungainly, or grossly overweight.

Specifically, I'm a Double Action revolver guy. I like being able to swing out the cylinder and extract all the fired cases at once, instead of poking them out one at a time, and I like being able to pull the trigger and have the gun fire without my cocking the hammer first. Most of all, I like the way a double action revolver fits my hand, unlike the awkward (to me) feel of a single action cowboy revolver.

So I'm a double action revolver guy. And it's pretty hard to be a double action revolver guy without coming to the conclusion that the best double action revolvers are almost always made by Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wessons have the best triggers, the best fit and finish, the best chamber/throat/bore dimensions and hence the best accuracy, the best balance, the best looks, and the best overall feel. You may find an occasional revolver that meets or may even exceed S&W's overall excellence, like a French Manurhin model 73, but only at several times the S&W's price. Over the years I've bought more S&W double action (DA) revolvers than all other handgun makes and types put together, and my loyalty has been repaid with interest during that time. Starting when I was a teenager, S&W has fixed or rebuilt every gun that I've worn out from constant use, with never a repair charge. S&W is my favorite arms maker, bar none.

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