Linda Hamilton Rally Report, 11 April 2001

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 19 Feb 2004 21:58:04 GMT
Back on March 6, I pointed to a story entitled Massachusetts Police: "Don't shoot!". It was the story of how Linda Hamilton, while driving near North Adams, Massachusetts was nearly driven off the road by a crazy trucker. She displayed her licensed handgun, in the holster, which caused the trucker to back off. Then she, not he, got in trouble with the police. Two lady highway patrol officers searched her car without her permission and stole her gun.

Last night, I got an email from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), Help Stop Prosecution of Self-Defending Woman. Linda was to be arraigned this morning on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. The email asked people within driving distance to come. I live about 45 minutes from North Adams, so I drove out there. This is the story of my morning.

Linda Hamilton Rally Pictures is the best of the pictures I took while there.

We were asked to show up at 8:15. I got to town at about 7:30, went to a local health food cafe for coffee and muffin, and proceded on foot to the court house. The sign on the building said "City Hall", so I was unsure of whether it was the court house. As I was walking around outside, a car stopped, and the man inside asked me where the court house was. "I think it's right here", said I. Then I went inside and asked two guys in suits whether it was the court house. It was. I went back out, introduced myself to the man, and discovered that he, as I, was there for Linda's rally.

His name was Peter Ulan. He had come with his wife all the way from North Reading, north of Boston, at least a 2 hour drive. He lived for 47 years in the Soviet Union, and had brought his own sign. The JPFO letter said that they'd have signs there, so I didn't bring one. Peter was incredibly animated. He was out in the street handing out leaflets, directing the rest of us to be more active, quite something. Turns out that his son had a similar incident in Boston. His son is a marine, and has a license to carry a concealed handgun. When he was standing in a Cambridge street, someone pushed him from behind. When he turned around, he noticed the perp reaching into his pocket, so he brandished his weapon. This was enough to convince the perp to back off, as it usually is. Peter's son has been in the court system for a year, also on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon. They go to trial in June.

Peter, his wife, and I waited around for a while, then I saw a truck with signs on it saying, "Self Defense is NOT a crime! Theft of a weapon IS a crime!". I went over and introduced myself to Linda and Russ Hamilton. I congratulated Linda on her behavior, and gave her a hug. She was quite nervous, as I would have been in her situation. They went into the court house to talk with their lawyer.

People slowly gathered, and we eventually had 10 or 15 people holding signs, passing out leaflets, and getting occasionally scolded by the 2 or 3 North Adams police that came to keep an eye on us. One guy came from half-way up in Vermont, probably an hour and a half drive. A couple of friends of the Hamiltons were also there, but I didn't write down their names. I got a couple of thumbs up from drivers who saw my sign.

Shortly after 9:00, Linda, Russ, and her lawyers came out of the court house. Linda was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and released on her own recognizance. She has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for May 9, unless the state decides to indict her, in which case she'll have to go to the superior court in Pittsfield. I asked her to keep me informed. She does NOT yet have her gun back.

I was surprised that the judge didn't laugh the case out of court and tell the police officers not to waste everyone's time. I can't imagine any jury finding her guilty. I think Linda should get a medal, the trucker should be thrown in jail for a good long time, and the cops who stole her gun should lose their badges.

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