Free Marc Emery

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by Bill St. Clair

On Friday, July 29th, 2005, Marc Emery was arrested by Halifax police while vacationing in Nova Scotia. His business in Vancouver was raided by Vancouver police. Two of Mr. Emery's business associates, Greg Williams, and Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek were arrested in Vancouver. The United States Drug Enforcement Agency requested both operations after getting an indictment against Free Marc Emery Mr. Emery from a Washington state Grand Jury. They want Canada to extradite him and his associates to the United States so they can be tried for drug trafficking and money laundering and be put in jail for 10 years to life. There is a possibility that they will attempt to invoke the death penalty. Draconian U.S. drug laws allow it to be used for drug "kingpins".

Mr. Emery is not being accused of hurting anyone, and he hasn't. He sells marijuana seeds by mail order. He actively and successfully works politically towards marijuana legalization. It is likely his political activism that has caused the DEA to target him instead of numerous other mail-order marijuana seed businesses.

This page is a collection of links to stories and resources about Marc Emery. If you want to correct a mistake here or ask me to add something, send email via the link at the bottom of the page.

Links was the home of Marc's mail-order seed business. It is now just a single page telling of his predicament. I saved Google's cache of the page as of July 29.

Marc Emery Legal Defense - make a $50 or $100 donation to Marc's defense using a credit card. Or you can mail donations to:

CC Magazine
Box 15 - 199 West Hastings Street
Vancouver BC
V6B 1H4
More donation addresses here.

Cannabis Culture - the "magazine of marijuana and hemp around the world" that Marc began in 1994. Good source of news about Marc's case.

British Columbia Marijuana Party - Marc is its president.

U.S. Marijuana Party weblog - Loretta Nall and terry provide lots of news about Marc's case and the war on some drugs. Ms. Nall is out of work due to Marc's arrest.

Google News search for "marc emery" - a good way to find news stories.

Media Awareness Project page for Marc Emery - lots of story links

Marc Emery category at Simon Pole's blog, and his Marc Emery Resource Kit.

Search for "Emery" at The Canadian Bullet, Jay Curry's Canadian blog aggregator.

Free Marc Emery - a blog contrubuted to by Michael Cust, Peter Jaworski, and Jason Cherniak

Marc Emery is a Political Prisoner - a blog by Jason Cherniak

Claire Files discussion - friends of Claire Wolfe discuss the case. - a Bureaucrash site outlining the case.

Free Marc Emery at Bill St. Clair's End the War on Freedom blog (this page).


Newer stories at the top.

5/10 - It's Official: Conservatives Extradite Marc Emery - Cannabis Culture

4/16 - The Princess of Pot - The Walrus via Cannabis News

4/12/2010 - The Clock is Ticking on Marc Emery's Extradition - Cannabis Culture

10/2 - Marc Emery Jailed in Canada Pending Extradition to US - Drug War Chronicle

9/29 - Jodie Emery Speaks Out on Her Husband's Imprisonment - Cannabis Culture - includes videos of Jodie

9/28 - Marc Emery: Political Prisoner - Cannabis Culture - report on Marc's "surrender" - my angry blog post

8/31 - Prince of Pot Marc Emery on Farewell Tour As US Prison Term Looms - Drug War Chronicle via Cannabis Culture Magazine

7/8 - Marc Emery's "Farewell Tour" comes to Calgary; libertarian leader prepares for jail - The Shotgun Blog of

6/11/09 - Why I'm Cutting a Deal - Marc will plead guilty in August on a charge of "distributing marijuana"

1/1/08 - Extradition Hearing To Begin January 21 - Jodie Emerie at Cannabis Culture

11/4/05 - Pot activist Marc Emery deconstructs his drug kingpin status - Nathan Sharpe at The Manitoban

10/12 - Tommy Chong: We Meet Again - Marc Emery and Jodie Giesz-Ramsay at Cannabis Culture

9/26 - What you can buy to help the BC3 - Jodie Giesz-Ramsay at Cannabis Culture

9/10 - Cotler caught in a web of hemp - Peter McKnight at The Vancouver Sun

8/21 - U.S.A. / D.E.A. - GO AWAY..... - photo gallery at Daniel TV. Also a good Quicktime video: Cannabis Warriors.

8/18 - World-Wide Protests planned - Jodie Giesz-Ramsay at Cannabis Culture. Free

8/18 - Free Marc Emery: The Single - Simon Pole

8/11 - Warning: "Emery Seeds" DEA TRAP - Jodie Giesz-Ramsay at Cannabis Culture

8/11 - My message to you - Marc Emery at Cannabis Culture

8/10 - Prince of Pot: Marc Neeeds You! - Pot TV. Marc Emery in a 26 minute Real™ video asking for help and telling why he deserves it. "Overgrow the government!"

8/10 - We Need Your Help - Marc Emery at Cannabis Culture

8/10 - Must Hear: CBC Questions US Attorney on Emery - Simon Pole, mp3 audio

8/10 - Something's rotten in DEA'n'Marc - Thomas L. Knapp

8/10 - A U.S. view: An open letter to Irwin Cotler - Keith Gottschalk at

8/9 - Emery Edit War at Wikipedia - Simon Pole. Hehe.

8/8 - Hero of Liberty - Marco den Ouden at

8/7 - Emery Speaks: Transcription of CBC Interview - Simon Pole. A transcription of the "As It Happens" interview below.

8/7 - Just Say No To Extradition - CN BC via Victoria News

8/6 - The Cotler Test - Jay Curry proposes a massive, polite, protest on August 15th when Canada's Justice Minister Irwin Cotler visits Vancouver.

8/5 - Marc Emery As It Happens - mp3 interview on Friday, August 5. Also available in "part 1" on this CBC Radio page.

8/5 - Marc Emery out on bail - CBC News

8/5 - Marc Emery is FREE!! - Loretta Nall at the U.S. Marijuana Party Blog. Both Marc and Greg Williams were released from jail today.

8/5 - Emery faces biggest battle - Patrick Maloney at The London Free Press

8/4 - Emery and Williams still in jail - Dana Larsen at Cannabis Culture. Bail was granted, but as of August 4, they need four BC homeowners who know Marc personally to each provide a $10,000 surity backed by their home. If you can help, call the BC Marijuana Bookshop at 604-684-2803. 8/5 update: They found people to put up surity, and Marc and Greg are free!

8/4 - Block the Extradition of a Hero for Liberty - Michael Cust and Peter Jaworski at

8/4 - Marc Emery must not be extradited - Tim Peppin at the gateway

8/3 - Justice Minister faces pressure to block extradition - Campbell Clark at The Globe and Mail

8/3 - Just say no to Uncle Sam's DEA - Alan Young at The Globe and Mail

8/3 - Emery, global war, & sovereignty - Ray Boyd at Cannabis Culture

8/2 - 5 things you can do to help Marc Emery - Dana Larsen at Cannabis Culture

8/2 - Pot activist Marc Emery granted bail - Canadian Press

8/1 - Loretta Nall Needs Your Help - where I first heard about Marc's problem.

7/29 - Well-known Vancouver pot activist arrested in extradition bid by U.S. - terry at the U.S. Marijuana Party Blog

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Interview with Marc Emery on

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 06 Apr 2007 18:02:04 GMT

Check out this great interview with Marc Emery,
Canada's Prince of Pot:

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Another drug dealer down, he

Submitted by kevin29 on Tue, 02 Sep 2008 11:13:28 GMT

Another drug dealer down, he is the living proof of the fact that drugs are very tempting because they can generate a lot of money regardless the human lives cost. Marc was caught now but there are others to take his place, who takes the place of those people who died from drugs, who repairs all the destroyed families? He should be put in drug rehabilitation and help people there, perhaps this way he will understand all the harm done.

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Cannabis has no lethal dose

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 02 Sep 2008 14:07:35 GMT

Guess what, kevin29? Cannabis, (aka: grass, marijuana, reefer, etc) has no lethal dose. It's not possible to kill yourself with it, no matter how hard you try. And hemp is an incredibly useful plant. Medicine, food, clothing, and recreation. Much safer that tobacco or alcohol or caffeine. Personally, I got tired of being stoned, but I sure wish hemp seed were available in bulk. It's yummy, and good for you, and not even a little bit psychoactive. Those who arrest peaceful people for smoking hemp should be tried for kidnapping and hanged.

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Kevin is a fucking idiot.

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 09 Sep 2008 02:09:20 GMT

Kevin is a fucking idiot. Marc is guilty until proven innocent of ruining people's lives. Certainly, Kevin could not regale us with tales of woe and a list of people from his proposed trail of tears.


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It's ironic that the CIA and

Submitted by hudak on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 12:04:19 GMT

It's ironic that the CIA and various US agencies helped to import cocaine and heroin to North America since the 60's and a vegetable that is less harmful than crap American beer or crap US whiskey or crap US tobbaco and is acually medicinally beneficial becomes a target of the infidels at the US Injustice dept. Disgusting that the fat asses in Canada's government didn't just say "NO"-US perverted justice stops at the frontier. Canada is Canada. The US has enough on it's plate trying to cash in on death and misery (and likely more drug profits) in the Mid East.

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