Marc Emery: Political Prisoner

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 04 Oct 2009 11:59:10 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Cannabis Culture - last Monday, September 28, Marc Emery turned himself over to Canadian pigs, the first step in the process of him being sent to an Amerikan gulag for five years. For selling seeds. To consenting adults. Includes 24-minute video of the press conference before Marc surrendered to the goons. If former d.e.a. head cunt Karen Tandy thinks this is a "significant blow... to the marijuana legalization movement" (d.e.a. link), she's got a lot to learn. Marc is now a martyr, and the movement will solidify. Hopefully ending with the arrest of every legislator who has ever voted for a prohibition bill, every bureaurat who has ever helped enforce one, every pig who has ever arrested somebody for possession or sales, every prosecutor of a drug war case, every judge who has ever failed to throw out a trial, and every prison warden or guard who has ever lorded over the caging of an innocent victim of the war on some drugs. Arrest them all for kidnapping or conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Give them due process, speedy trials, and public firing squads (the proper execution for war criminals, though I think crucifixion is warranted). Damn them all to hell.

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Jodie Emery Speaks Out on Her Husband's Imprisonment at Cannabis Culture. Videos of Jody Emery, Marc's wife, soon after the kidnapping of her husband.


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