The Next Civil War is About to Begin

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 13:16:07 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Ed Mencken at OpEd News - smears the 9/12 and Obamacare protesters with the "rascist haters" brush. I posted the following comment. We'll see if they ban me as they did Mike. [vanderboegh]

It ain't Mr. Obama's race

As one of the signs at the 9/12 rally in DC said, I don't hate Obama because he's black, I hate him because he's red. As in communist. When he stops proposing new ways to steal more of my hard-earned money, when he stops sending US soldiers to kill people who never hurt any American, when he stops kidnapping Americans and putting them in cages for inhaling a weed, when he stops trying to deny me the tools I need to defend my family, from whichever criminals would harm us, including his gang of jack-booted thugs, I'll stop hating him. Until then, he's just one more in a long line of liars, thieves, kidnappers, and murderers occupying the White House. The last honest man I remember residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was Jimmy Carter. And before him, Dwight Eisenhower (but I was only 5 years old when his second term ended, so I my memories of him are only from stories I've read, and his parting speech, warning us of exactly what we're living with today).

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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 18:36:18 GMT

Mencken asked me what I meant by some of my labels, so I posted definitions:

Theft: taxes, complying with regulation, registration and licensing fees, planned inflation.

Communist: From each according to his ability. To each according to his need. America has been a communist country for quite a while. Not new to Obama. He's just ramping it up. Or maybe you prefer the word "fascist". No difference from my viewpoint. Both place the collective above the individual. Both are decidedly un-American. Our government is supposed to exist to secure individual liberty. And nothing else.

Iraq & Afghanistan: mass murder of people who never hurt any American, except in self defense against the US invasion of their country. Every single dead Iraqi. Every single dead Afghani. I've read estimates of 1.2 million dead in Iraq alone. Even the very conservative estimate counts nearly 100,000 non-combatants killed.

Tools: Guns, carried openly or concealed, always and everywhere, including, obviously, demonstrations. Obama hasn't, yet, signed any further infringements of a right that "shall not be infringed", but he will if Congress asks him to. That's his history. What he should do is replace or eliminate the entire BATFE; they have an ingrained culture of thuggery. Then direct Congress to go to work eliminating the Brady Bill, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the National Firearms Act. While he's at it, he could direct his Attorney General to prosecute the Waco murderers, whose crimes have no statute of limitations.

I've heard rhetoric about fewer pot busts, but I've also read news of raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Words from a politician or bureaucrat have no meaning. They're all congenital liars, with a few rare exceptions. Actions speak.

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