G20 Protest Coverage reimagined

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 26 Sep 2009 09:40:28 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Xaq Fixx at Fr33Agents - the jack-booted thugs were out in force in Pittsburg yesterday. Xaq describes police state Amerika perfectly. Entire post copied below. I predict that the terrorists won't stop until the people eradicate them.

Yesterday a large group of Americans gathered to celebrate and practice their constitutionally protected rights were attacked by well organized domestic terrorists. The terrorist cells gathered from all over the United States, some, such as the Charlotte, NC based cell, claimed it was training for future attacks. The attackers used a variety of tactics and weapons, including kidnapping, psychological warfare, beatings, chemical weapons, and sound weapons developed for military use in Iraq.

According to reports from terrorist sympathizers in the media and on the internet websites the attackers were motivated by a hatred of the American's freedoms & decadent lifestyle. The terrorist also claim they are justified in their use of violence as they answer to a higher power and that they are not unclean sub-humans like the Americans they attack.

The attacks look like they will continue, and spread around the world, with no end in site. The terrorist are also very well funded through a combination of forgery and theft on a global scale. Beyond their attacks at the G20 summit they have known ties to violent monopolies, dictators, the weapons and drug trade and involvement with other terrorist groups across the globe.

Adam Meuller, part of the Anti-Terrorist force at MotorhomeDiaries.com, said the key to preventing future attacks is a combination of ignoring the terrorist demands and making it more difficult for them to steal from you through tax resistance and counter economics.

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