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The "uSA" used to be a Republic not a corporatist democracy. The people were truly the sovereigns and everything was just peachy back then (well, at least for white male property owners). Like most myths, it's b.s. Look up the Alien and Sedition Acts, passed during the Adams administration. Or read up on the incredible games played by Alexander Hamilton, Washington's Treasury Secretary, with Continental war bonds. Find out why the District of Columbia got situated where it is. Consider the blatant, abysmal tyranny of the Lincoln Administration. Look at the almost complete restriction of freedom of expression under Wilson during WWI. Research the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and Operation Keel Haul. There has never been a time when government was not corrupt, mendacious, deceitful, duplicitous, and actively conspiring against the rights and property of the people. It's highly organized crime, after all. Today they just have more tools and a bigger budget, while the public has a higher tolerance for despotism. There exists no great disconnect in American history that one can point to and say, "There is where we crossed the Rubicon and it all went wrong." It's merely a long continuum where, as Thomas Jefferson sagely observed, it is the tendency of government to grow and liberty to yield.

- Wilkerson via [GSC]

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