Thou Shalt Not Meddle

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EDS - Cat Herding Commercial - Flash video. Hehe. Sorta like getting libertarians and anarchists on the same page. [clairefiles]

# I've been reading over the last few months The Magian Gospel of Brother Yeshua - a "channeled" first-person telling of the life of Jesus. I found the kernel of the entire book last night:

Chapter 17

My Message: Content

I did not undertake my ministry to expound a doctrine, but to demonstrate an attitude. I did not come to teach a religion, but to report an experience. I did not come to argue and convince, but to reveal.

I did not have a doctrine, but a faith. My faith was not a belief, but an assurance, a confidence. Any specific creed is a falsification of my faith. No one can be saved by belief, whether in God, in me, or in himself. What I knew was so clear and so simple that it alternately angered or saddened me that so few--if any--really experienced or understood it.

I can tell you my message--and I shall--in a simple sentence of a few words. But neither the words nor the sentence, if mouthed to eternity, will augment or advance you. God planted the urge to be more in the very being of each man and woman. The wish that this evolve into a faith that someday it will be. But only when it becomes visceral conviction that it is in the now--sure knowledge in the guts as well as in the brain--do you share my experience and become fully my brother.

The concepts are soon said: God is. He is one. He is the single spirit around and within our reality and all realities. He touches each of us at our center and can be experienced there, and there only. He is our Father, and loves us. He has created a universe which will give us everything (good or bad) which we desire with determination and confidence. As Sons, we share in divine creativity and are personally responsible to ourselves for recognizing and respecting that all beings, physical and spiritual, are brothers of one Father. Each has the present need and right to be what he is and where he is. We must not impede or limit him in his growth by forcing, intending, or wishing him to be otherwise. We can only pray for his wholeness, and can share with him our vision, if he asks.

The point of life is not doing, it is becoming and being. We cannot change and save the world or others. We cannot even change what we really are. Nor should we wish to. We learn, by doing, to unveil our being. Each of us is a universe with infinite possibilities for endless discovery. Our one task is growth in self-realization toward perfection as it unfolds to us. It is a search into the self for God. All who experience this conviction are Sons with me in the spiritual community which is the true Kingdom of God. My message in one sentence: Discover and be what you truly are, Sons of God. Think like it and act like it.

God said to Moses: "The place on which you are standing is holy ground." (Exod. 3:5). Exactly! Wherever you are, you are in your right place, for right where you are, God is. You must face Him and yourself there. When you do, and find Him there, you will see Him in all persons and things about you. Love of neighbor then is easy; you love in him the God in you. We do not change the self by imposing on it through the exercise of will that which seems to be lacking. This would be but to impose a new mask over the false faces of our old protective facades. Growth is chipping away or dissolving the dross so that our real metal may show through the clay that conceals it. It is the release of the statue in the marble, with all the creative possibilities this suggests.

Our task is ourselves, and only in demonstrating growth can we inspire improvement in the world and in others. The Social Gospel, again bankrupt in your day, is eternally doomed to failure, because it stems from a smug certainty that it knows what is best for those to be helped, and because it seeks to substitute doing for being. If I had ever intended to state a Commandment of conduct rather than attitude--and I did not--it might have been: Thou shalt not meddle. Most do-gooders and social activists are retreating from fear and self-hate (guilt?) into militantism to escape the confrontation with the self and the God within.

# Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue - Time to impeach a President - I second the motion. In spades. [whatreallyhappened]

At the very least, Bush is a reckless, irresponsible leader, one who led this nation to invade another country in a war based on fabricated reasons, a man who has sent more than 2,000 Americans and countless Iraqi civilians to their deaths while hiding behind a rationale based on a lie.

At worst, he is a war criminal, a power-crazed despot who could go down in history as a mass murderer. History will determine the final legacy of George W. Bush and I doubt seriously that history will be kind to a political figure of his ilk.

I'm not here to deal with the possibilities of the future but instead with the realities of now and that requires swift, decisive action against a dictatorial madman who threatens all of our futures.


Let's start the New Year by impeaching the criminal at the top of this corrupt pyramid scheme and then work our way down through the sordid pile. Indict Vice President Dick Cheney for bribes he paid and the money he laundered while Chairman of Halliburton. Send Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to prison for insider trading. Put former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay under the jail.

# The Impeach Bush Coalition includes hundreds of bloggers calling for Bushnev to be removed from office. You should see their corner ribbon in the upper-right-hand corner of this page. [bulldog]

# Richard Cowan at Marijuana News - Steve Kubby Is the Only One In This Story Who Has NOT Broken The Law, But He Faces the Death Penalty - Steve Kubby has been living in British Columbia for quite a while, where he can take the medicine, cannabis, that keeps his rare adrenal cancer under control. Unless he is granted a stay at his January 9 hearing, he will be turned over to Placer County, California pigs on January 12, and put in jail with no bail and no medicine. He will likely die within a few days. Personally, I think it's time to hunt down and kill every legislator who ever voted for a "law" criminalizing the sale or possession of any drug, every cop who ever arrested anybody for breaking such a bogus "law", and every judge who ever prevented a proper defense in a drug war case. They are all conspirators in a massive crime against humanity. But I'm not volunteering to start the shooting. Guess that makes me a hypocrite, or at least a coward. More at [clairefiles]

Two of the leading cancer specialists in the US and Canada have confirmed that Kubby has malignant pheochromocytoma, a very rare form of adrenal cancer, and that only cannabis has kept him alive for decades longer than is typical in such cases.
From 1999, see Prominent Cancer Specialist Says Steve Kubby Should Be Studied, Not Jailed;His Case Has Major Medical Implications.

Nonetheless, he is under a Canadian departure order that will deliver him to the US authorities on January 12, 2006, unless a stay is granted in a hearing on January 9th. He will be jailed on a "no-bail warrant" and eventually transported to Placer County, California. Of course, he could also be held on federal flight charges and the US government does not even recognize the existence of medical cannabis, and denies that there is even a right to mention it in a US federal court.
See Facing January 12th Expulsion From Canada, The Kubbys Launch Legal Assault On Refugee Process. Now Is The Time For Kubby's Supporters -- And Friends Of Freedom Everywhere -- To Rally Behind Them.

Consequently, within hours of being taken by the US, Kubby will suffer excruciating headaches, nausea and other symptoms of soaring blood pressure caused by unpredictable spikes in his adrenaline levels.
See A Critique of the Kubby Refugee Ruling: What Is It About Dead That You Don't Understand?

Within a few more days -- or perhaps just hours -- he will suffer irreversible kidney damage, and/or blindness and a stroke. Then, if he is lucky, he will die. Steve Tuck, another medical cannabis patient who was delivered to US authorities and held a week without any medication, said that he would rather have died than endure even a few more weeks of such torture, and his need for cannabis is not as absolute as Kubby's.

And yet, no one seems to care, because Kubby is a medical cannabis patient, and serious people simply cannot allow themselves to be seen taking the cannabis issues seriously. Otherwise, their status as "serious people" might be in danger.
For an improbable exception, see WorldNetDaily Continues Its Critique of the Drug War with An Article by Steve Kubby: "Bill Of Rights Is The Cure For Government Disease." Outstanding!


If Steve Kubby dies, the real murderers will be those who remain silent.

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