January 2004

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Thursday, 1 January: 2004

Friday, 2 January: Hunter Arrested in Ohio Saturday, 3 January: More on Hunter's Case Sunday, 4 January: Support Hunter's Defense Today Monday, 5 January: HEMPhasis Tuesday, 6 January: Save Steve Kubby Wednesday, 7 January: Stratford High School Principal Resigns Thursday, 8 January: Conscription is Slavery! Friday, 9 January: Ohio CCW, No More Airplane Bathroom Lines Saturday, 10 January: Secret Courts and Forbidden Speech Sunday, 11 January: Lux Lucre, RIP Monday, 12 January: CAPPS II: Coming to an Airport Near You Tuesday, 13 January: Miserable Failures: GW, Moore, and Hillary Wednesday, 14 January: Firesign Theatre, Sony's QRIO Thursday, 15 January: Happy Birthday to Christopher and MLK Friday, 16 January: Fun Rifle Saturday, 17 January: J Sunday, 18 January: Target Practice in Iraq Monday, 19 January: The Most Dangerous Weapons on the Planet Tuesday, 20 January: Nacht und Nabel Wednesday, 21 January: The State of the Disunion Thursday, 22 January: Molôn Labé Friday, 23 January: LRT in NYT, Net Transport Saturday, 24 January: Studying CSS Sunday, 25 January: Not Yet CSS, but Soon Monday, 26 January: Look Ma, No Tables Tuesday, 27 January: Dancing Hillary Wednesday, 28 January: Beat Yourself Up Thursday, 29 January: Car Pranged, Wife OK Friday, 30 January: Kahr Arms PM40 Saturday, 31 January: GI Joe Prompts Zero-Intelligence

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