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From smith2004:
"It may be true that you can't fool all of the people all of the time, but you can always fool enough of them to rule a large country." -- Will and Ariel Durant

# Posted to smith2004 in response to a question of whether there were any other chemists on the list:

In November and December of 1982, I frequently dissolved a gram of a certain salt in a gram of distilled water, added a few drops of ammonia to cause the base to drop out of solution, melted the base powder by heating the water with a propane torch, then allowed it to cool into a solid chunk, which I blotted dry. I then used the propane torch to heat a clamped spoon to red hot, dropped a piece of the chunk onto the spoon, watched it liquify and dance around, and sucked over it with a shortened turkey baster at just the right time. The reduced pressure lowered the boiling point of the liquid causing it to instantly evaporate. Expanding in the large end of the turkey baster cooled it so it didn't burn my mouth and throat.

That's the only chemistry I've done since high school. The process was every bit a religious ritual, and it led me to a spiritual teacher in February of 1983. The chemistry in the first phase is usually done in larger quantities, by some process I've never learned, cooking the salt with baking powder. It makes a characteristic sound which became the namesake of the result.

"Now no more wisecracking, Bill," he said to himself.

# The High Road - N.H. CCW - discussion on Vermont Carry in New Hampshire. dustind wrote: [highroad]

According to Rep Elbert Bicknell, who spoke to us at the Gun Owners of NH Meeting last night, he is on the committee voting on this. The house bill will be amended to state exactly what the Senate bill says, and reported to the House floor with a favorable recommendation. He said he learned this after speaking to the chair of the committee.


Directly from the mouth of Sam Cohen, legislative rep for GONH, he had just talked to Senator Rob Boyce. The NH Senate has just passed the conceal carry law. The house will not be voting for a couple weeks, but Sam is almost certain it will be passed, and signed by the governor.

# Terry Bressi - TerryBressi.org contains the year-long story of Mr. Bressi's arrest at a roadblock in Arizona, ending with a dismissal of the charges, with prejudice. Mr. Bressi is working on a civil lawsuit in an attempt to hold the Tohono O'odham Nation police officers responsible for their misconduct. He doesn't appear to have any plans for disciplining Border Patrol or i.n.s. agents. [picks]

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