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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 04 Jan 2004 13:00:00 GMT - Medifare - cartoon commentary on the Medicare prescription drug "benefit". Hehe.

# Carol On The Web at Studio C - Fight Back! - how to laugh at the jackboots and get away with it. Of course it helps when they arrest you for floating on the river without a life jacket. It also helps to be a woman. Very entertaining story. [smith2004]

# Don Lobo Tiggre & Sunni Maravillosa at Liberty Round Table - Free Hunter: Fight Ohio's Gun-Grabbing Goons - a longer version of the message I quoted yesterday from the High Road discussion. Don Lobo and Sunni know Hunter well. They have promised to update this page as the case progresses.

If you're familiar with the Liberty Round Table, you've probably corresponded with one of our first Knights of Non-Aggression: Hunter. If you've been to one of our camping get-togethers, an LRT Conclave, you've probably met him. Or if you've been on one of our email discussion lists, you've probably corresponded with him. Even if you haven't, you may have read some of his essays in the Sierra Times, The Price of Liberty, Doing Freedom!, or a number of other publications. Or you might have met him at a Gun Rights Policy Conference, Second Amendment Sisters event, or science fiction convention. Whatever the case may be on that, the key things to know are that Hunter is a marksman, a gunsmith, a concealed weapons permit holder in many states, a man of his word, a steadfast friend, and one of the most dedicated people I know fighting to defend freedom in America.

And now Hunter is in trouble.


If you would like to help, has volunteered to accept funds into a legal defense fund for Hunter and manage the account. They'll be setting up a web page soon to take donations online, but folks who would be sending a check can do so already by sending them to:
Keep And Bear Arms PMB # 141
15201 N Cleveland Ave.
North Fort Myers, FL 33903-2715
(239) 560-7566
Checks should be made out to, with a note in the memo field or attached letter stating that they are for "Hunter's Defense".

(Hunter, AKA Jeff Jordan, being honored as a Knight of Nonagression, Defender of Liberty.)

# Here's my latest offerring in the High Road thread about Hunter's arrest. Scroll up for Publicola's posts to which I was referring.

Well said Publicola. One of the big problems we have in this country is blind obedience of authority. Someone puts on a black uniform, a badge, and a funny hat, and many believe that they're somehow special. Anyone who attempts to steal your stuff or kidnap you is a criminal, and you have the absolute right to defend yourself and your stuff, with deadly force if necessary. That is as basic as your right to life, and no legislation can make it otherwise, no matter how many people vote for it. Calling it "confiscation" or "asset forfeiture" or "tax" does not make it other than theft. Calling it "arrest" does not make it other than kidnapping.

No prior restraint law is valid. If there is no victim and no criminal intent, there is no crime. The law has been perverted. No legislature has the authority to invent a new crime out of whole cloth. All crimes that are or ever will be have been part of the common law for centuries. There are particulars to scope out because of new situations, but there are no new crimes. The prior-restraint paper "crimes" that have been created by legislation are tyranny incarnate. We must fight them and those who make and enforce them tooth and nail.

I'm talking here about every gun law, every drug law, every tax law, every licensing and registration law. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

# sujurisfreedom at The Claire Files - Constructive Notice vs "good faith immunity", What is it? Who has it? Why? - Very interesting. How Winston Ward Johnson carries his handgun in Kentucky without being bothered by law enforcement. Read the whole thing, but I've copied the "Constructive Notice" with which he serves public "servants" so that I can find it again later. If you use this, you will, of course, have to modify it for your circumstances, and I can't guarantee that Mr. Johnson's strategy will work with the LEOs in your area, but I'm tempted. [clairefiles]

Definition of Constructive Notice, Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition, page 1258, "Constructive Notice is information or knowledge of a fact imputed by law to a person; although he may not actually have it, because he could have discovered the fact by proper diligence, and his situation was such as to cast upon him the duty of inquiring into it. Constructive Notice is a presumption of law, making it impossible for one to deny the matter concerning which notice is given."

I have been served this Constructive Notice by the Human Being known as Winston Ward Johnson, I have read it and understand the possible consequences of any further violations of his right to bear arms and/or security from any unlawful search or seizure.


CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE: To any and all Law Enforcement Personnel, State Police, County Sheriff/Deputies, City Police, this is Constructive Notice that the Human Being known as Winston Ward Johnson in the exercise of his Natural, Absolute, Inherent and Inalienable Rights and of which he has the reasonable expectation are protected by both the Constitution for the united States of America and the various State Constitutions does lawfully carry on and/or about his being weapons expressly for the purpose of self-defense, to wit:

Bill of Rights, Kentucky's Constitution, 1891: Section 1: All men are, by nature, free and equal, and have certain and inalienable rights ..... First: The right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties. Fifth: The right of acquiring and protecting property. Seventh: The right to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State .... Section 2: Absolute and arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and property of freemen exists nowhere in a republic, not even in the largest majority. Section 10: The people shall be secure in their houses, papers and possessions, from unreasonable search and seizure; and no warrant shall issue to search any place, or seize any person or thing, without probable cause supported by oath or affirmation. Section 26: To guard against transgression of the high powers which we have delegated, We Declare that every thing in this Bill of Rights is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate; and all laws contrary thereto, or contrary to this Constitution,shall be void."

As public officials you have sworn an oath to support those Constitutions and you are presumed to be acting in "good faith", however if you now violate any of my Natural, Absolute, Inherent and Inalienable Rights you will be acting in "bad faith" and therefore will lose your "good faith immunity"! You can and will be held personally liable for your unlawful actions!

Dated: July 15, 2002
Winston Ward Johnson, a Freeman, Sui Juris

# David R. Hoffman at Pravda - Bush vs. Hitler - Severe warnings about the neo-fascist leanings of the Bush admnistration. And an entertaining image of Herr Bush. Hehe. [whatreallyhappened]

Many years ago, when I was younger and more idealistic, I would have viewed Goering's statement as an anachronism. After all, millions had suffered immensely during the nightmare of World War II, and it seemed that this historical imprint alone would have indelibly reminded people about the folly of blindly following leaders into war. Also (and despite Goering's assertion) democracy appeared to offer additional protections from this folly as well, particularly in wealthy, industrialized nations like America, where freedom of speech and press permitted the free exchange of ideas, which in turn served to balance emotion and reason, and exposed any lies used to rationalize an unjust war. While it is true that America still suffered through the Vietnam era, it did not do so unquestioningly, nor with a blind faith in the nation"s leaders.

But the coup by the plutocratic supporters of George W. Bush in the year 2000, coupled with the invasion of Iraq, changed all that, revealing how easily Americans can be manipulated, how willing they are to be lied to, and how vacuous the freedoms of speech and press have become when the bulk of information is filtered through corporate-controlled media that profit from jingoism, propaganda and dishonesty. But, perhaps most disturbingly, these events demonstrated that even though the words "freedom, democracy and human rights" are chanted like mantras by political leaders, many Americans have apparently welcomed, or at the very least are blissfully unconcerned about, the erosion of freedom, the abuse of human rights, and the nation"s growing transformation from a democracy into a neo-fascist dictatorship.


After Rumsfeld revealed that the desire to promote democracy in Iraq was basically a lie, another "justification" for the war became the need to defend "human rights." Clearly Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who maintained power through the use of fear, torture, disappearances and mass murders. But he was just one of many such dictators, some of whom are still in power and supported by the United States. The reality is that it was not the violation of human rights that disturbed the neo-fascist ideologies of the Bush dictatorship, but the fact that Hussein had simply exhausted his usefulness. It is particularly revealing that the demonization of Hussein came after he was no longer needed as an American ally, just as, under the first Bush regime, the demonization of dictator Manuel Noriega, and the subsequent invasion of Panama, occurred only after Noriega was no longer needed as an American ally. Prior to this, the human rights violations committed by both these men were routinely ignored, and sometimes welcomed. As I reported in a previous PRAVDA article (Politics of Assassination, 10/2/03), the CIA had on at least one occasion even turned over to Hussein a list of suspected communists with the knowledge that those on the list would be brutally tortured and executed.


In a previous article for PRAVDA (Lessons Learned, But Forgotten, 8/13/03), I explained that, in forming America's government, the founders relied heavily upon the principle "that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." This belief inspired a system of "checks-and-balances," as well as a Bill of Rights, to guarantee that certain individual liberties would never be abrogated by either the government or the majority. I further asserted how history seemed to substantiate the founders" judgment about the corrupting influence of power, since governments premised upon the hypothesis that human beings were intrinsically good (and thus no check-and-balance was necessary) consistently produced some of the world"s most brutal dictators.

The dilemma that persistently arises in America, however, is the fact that power, and those who hold it, resent being "checked and balanced." Yet this delicate system is the only bulwark between American democracy and American fascism. Therefore it is no surprise that the primary target of the Bush dictatorship is not Afghanistan or Iraq, but the check-and-balance system.


Of course some may argue that Hitler clearly was compelled by evil motives, while Bush was compelled by "benevolent" ones. But this ignores the reality that the primary difference between Bush and Hitler may simply be milieu, not mind-set. In fact, actor/activist Harry Belafonte once courageously asserted that the Bush administration is "possessed of evil." These words should not be dismissed as hyperbole. Hitler, after all, did not begin his campaign for world domination until fascism was deeply entrenched in Germany. The Bush dictatorship is still manufacturing this entrenchment. Given the analogies above, one must wonder if history would have been so radically different if George W. Bush and his war-crazed cronies were in power in 1938 Berlin instead of 2004 America.

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My name is Michael Johnson. I am my father's oldest son. I am a cartoonist, Because of life's circumstance or destiny...?In honor of my dad and his cause...I have created a character named Kentucky Johnson...He is, what I call a "Constitutional Crusader". I spent the whole year of 2006 drawing 70 individual cartoons based upon my dad's life...cause...intent and mis adventures...For when the "powers that be" rear the face of evil and tyranny and cover the small town of T-yrannyville and it's citizens...The mild mannerd Winston Ward Johnson along with his faithful yet fearless canine Zues...suit up with the implements of truth,justice and determination... To thwart evils ploy...A few samples of these cartoons can be viewed at

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