Welcome Back, New Jersey Weedman!

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User Friendly - Dec 27, 2003 - cartoon commentary on the purpose of civilization. Hehe. [smith2004]

StopTheDrugWar.org - The New Jersey Weedman is Back! Forchion Announces House Bid Before Arrest at Liberty Bell Pot-Smoking Religious Demo - Ed Forchion just completed parole after 26 months in jail, and he's back at it. Weedman, I salute you! [drcnet]

A little more than two weeks after his parole ended -- bad weather forced a delay from the original December 6 date -- Forchion declared his candidacy for the US House at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia in front of about 50 supporters and a couple of dozen cops. Running as the candidate of the US Marijuana Party (http://www.usmjparty.org), Forchion offered up a prayer for the nearly 700,000 marijuana offenders arrested each year and the thousands of more jailed for other drug crimes, then fired up a joint with comrade in arms Patrick Duff. They didn't get to finish -- 17 US Park Service rangers promptly swept in and detained them -- but they got what they wanted: An arrest that will serve as the basis for a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) claim that their Liberty Bell pot-puffing is protected as religious expression under federal law.


I just can't go back to being incog-negro," said the Rastafarian former truck driver. "This prohibition is wrong!"

StopTheDrugWar.com - Todd McCormick Released from Federal Prison - Peter McWilliams' friend's "stint in the land of the living dead" is over. [drcnet]

While McCormick, who is afflicted with severe medical conditions eased by medical marijuana and who has authored a book on growing medi-pot, is out of prison, he is not quite a free man just yet. He currently resides in a Los Angeles area halfway house, where he must stay until his sentence expires on May 19. In the meantime, he is beginning work on a pair of projects, he told supporters in an e-mail message. One is creating AHEMP -- Artists Helping End Marijuana Prohibition -- a project he began before losing his freedom -- while the other is a book based on his recent experiences, working title "How to Navigate Federal Prison."

Larry S. Rolirad at Unknown News - What if the USA was invaded? - if the United States were invaded by a foreign military, the Chinese for instance, would you believe the rhetoric that we were being liberated from a tyrant, or would you fight the invaders to the death? If you answered the latter, you shouldn't wonder why the U.S. invading army is having a hard time in Iraq and Afghanistan. [grabbe]

P.K. Abdul Ghafour at Arab News - Saddam Threatens to Expose US - somehow, I doubt GW will like what Saddam knows about his pappy. [whatreallyhappened]

JEDDAH, 27 December 2003 -- Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, now being grilled by American investigators, has reportedly warned US authorities that he will expose Washington's "political games" and its behind-the-scene role in the occupation of Kuwait.

"Saddam threatened that if they continue to pressure him he will reveal startling facts -- about America's political games with his country -- that would shock the whole world," Al-Watan Arabic daily quoted a high-level European source as saying.


According to the European source close to US investigators, Saddam also said that he would ask the International Court of Justice in The Hague to try the United States for its crimes against the Iraqi people for allegedly using internationally prohibited weapons against the Iraqis during the last two wars against his country.

"If the Americans want to try me in a court of law, they should also try high-ranking international officials," the source quoted the former Iraqi dictator as saying. Saddam has insisted that his statements are recorded verbatim, the paper said. The source said Saddam neither prayed not read the Qur'an, it added.

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