Melvin Spaulding Walks. YAY!!

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From The Federalist:
"You know how Congress is. They'll vote for anything if the thing they vote for will turn around and vote for them. Politics ain't nothing but reciprocity." -- Will Rogers
"Congress may be going home for the holidays soon. How can you beat a Christmas gift like that?" -- Bob Hope

Eric Blumrich - The Idiot Son of an Asshole - flash animation. An anthem to our president. Hehe. [grabbe]

Don't hate us because we're Americans. Just hate our government.

Curtis Krueger at the St. Petersburg Times - Shooter, 71, won't face charges at all - Melvin Spaulding will not be charged with any crime for defending his friend from attack by shooting one of the attackers in the arm with his .22 pistol.

Prosecutors will not file an attempted murder charge against Melvin Spaulding, the 71-year-old man who shot a 20-year-old for allegedly attacking his friend in the street.

"That's good," Spaulding said after hearing the news Tuesday, as he smoked a Dutch Masters cigar in his mobile home.

Pinellas-Pasco Chief Assistant State Attorney Bruce Bartlett said evidence showed Spaulding was trying to prevent his friend George Lowe, 63, from being killed or suffering "serious bodily harm" as others attacked him.

The law allows people to intervene in such cases to protect others from harm, Bartlett said.

Claire Wolfe - Return of the King - Claire's comments on the third Lord of the Rings movie. I'm planning to viddy it this weekend. [claire]

Before seeing the film, I was distressed that the Scouring of the Shire and the Houses of Healing were to be left out. Surprise. I didn't miss them at all. As most of the reviewers point out, ROTK already has about five "endings." The Scouring would have dragged things out eternally. Jackson was right to drop it -- though it's still my favorite part of the book & it was a shame to abandon Christoper Lee (Saruman). Cutting the Houses of Healing does leave a gaping hole in the Eowyn-Faramir story. One moment we see Eowyn pining with love for Aragorn, then the next she's standing glowingly next to Faramir, and if you don't already know why ... you don't know why. I expect the DVD will fill that gap.

GeekWithA.45 - Battle Rifle Recommendations - the geek used a picture of an M1A (below) in his earlier battle rifle piece, but he wasn't implying that everyone needs an M1A (though Fred and I highly recommend it). Here he gives a table of recommendations for battle rifles in the classic military calibers of .308/7.62 Nato, 7.62x39, .223/5.56 nato, and .30-06. [geekwitha.45]

"This is my battle rifle. There are many just like it, and this one is mine. As an American, it is my absolute, unquestionable right to have this; it is my birthright. I will go to any length necessary to ensure that this rifle remains in my hands, the hands of my countrymen, and to ensure that the hands of our posterity may go freely to the most fearsome arms the future has to offer."

NBC11 - Court Ruling Is Victory For Medical Marijuana Users - the Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that the feds cannot prosecute medical marijuana users who have a doctor's recommendation for their medicine unless the pot crosses state lines or is used for non-medical purposes. So, unless the Supreme Court overrules this decision, medical marijuana users in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state have laws similar to California can use their medicine without fear of federal prosecution (Colorado and Maine have medical marijuana laws, but are not in the Ninth Circuit's jurisdiction). [smith2004]

Brad Edmonds at - How to Abolish Government - some peaceful steps towards market anarchism. Home school your kids, compete with government security services, write snail mail to your rulers, buy guns and learn to use them safely and effectively, join or start freedom-oriented organizations, get informed. [trt-ny]

When people are convinced, educated, and capable, they'll come up with more solutions; the work will be under way. Worldwide anarcho-capitalist (a.k.a. voluntary) society is not only possible, I believe it is inevitable; many are already doing everything I've mentioned above, planting the seed of self-governance in the minds of people everywhere. Work at it one day at a time, and stay tuned.

Haroon Siddiqui at The Toronto Star - Nine tales of a society scared into stupidity - questions asked of Asian-looking people at the border from Canada to Amerika. [unknown]

Mark Williams at The Bulletin Online - Orchids... not Osama - on an armed raid by jack-booted thugs from the Fish and Wildlife Service, looking for illegal orchids. Really.

The fact of the matter is that George Norris didn't do anything illegal. "I've been importing these particular plants for years," says Norris, a resident of Timber Creek, just south of The Woodlands. "The importation is sanctioned by the government of Peru, and it's all perfectly legal. These are plants that have been grown in the same greenhouse for years."

Norris is accused by the FWS of violation of the Lacey Act: the nation's first far-reaching federal wildlife protection law. Under the Lacey Act, it is illegal to import, export, sell, acquire, or purchase fish, wildlife or plants taken, possessed, transported, or sold in violation of U.S. or Indian law; or in interstate or foreign commerce involving any fish, wildlife, or plants taken possessed or sold in violation of state or foreign law.

"The Lacey Act was amended to cover plants in 1981," says Norris. "Up until this time, (the FWS) had very little to do with plants and still don't for the most part. The agents who were in the raid went through the greenhouse out back and tore everything up, but they couldn't identify a single plant out there. They didn't know what the plant they were looking for even looked like."

The Lacey Act sets fines for violations involving imports or exports, or commercial violations in which the value of the wildlife exceeds $350. Fines for misdemeanor violations are currently set at a maximum of $100,000 for individuals and $200,000 for organizations; maximum fines for felonies are presently $250,000 for individuals and $500,000 for organizations.

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