Victoria's Seventh Birthday

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:00:00 GMT
From kaba:
"I would rather be thought a radical by the timid than a softy by the strong." -- Angel Shamaya
"If cops continue to play at being an army of occupation, they should expect the subjects to play their role in return. Vive la resistance." -- J. D. Tuccille

Chuck Assay at Marc Brands Liberty - The Kids Support For The Medicare Bill - Cartoon commentary. Bushnev signs the newest rob-from-the-middle-class-and-give-to-the-rich boondoggle on the backs of the children Literally. Hehe.

Rational Review - Rational Review and BCRA - Tom Knapp, Scott Bieser, and Brad Spangler are not sure whether the Bipartisan Campaign "Reform" Act applies to Rational Review, but they don't care. Bravo, Tom, Scott, and Brad (and, later, Steve, Mary Lou, Neil, and Lee)! I salute you! [smith2004]

Rational Review, or more specifically those who write for Rational Review, will say whatever the hell we choose to say, whenever and however we feel like saying it, to anyone who cares to listen, until and unless we are forcibly prevented from doing so.

We don't allow the state to regulate our speech, nor do we find the natterings of a bunch of political hacks in choir robes particularly impressive.

To make this perfectly clear:

If any government regulator attempts to impose censorious requirements upon us, said regulator will be invited to attempt anatomically unlikely acts upon his or her own person.

If any government agency summons us to court pursuant to BCRA, we will ignore said summons since BCRA, being repugnant to the Constitution, is void; or we shall fight the action with the prior understanding that we are doing so only to make the point -- and that under no circumstances will any verdict be held to in any way bind us from speaking our minds in any way, and in any forum, which we choose.

If any fine or penalty is levied upon us, we will refuse to pay it.

If our servers are shut down or blocked, we will find other servers.

If we are personally harassed or detained, we will resist as possible, each according to his or her respective individual abilities and consciences.

Jim Capo at Blog-IT-o ergo sum - I really feel a draft! - The North Carolina d.m.v. has interpreted NC General Statute 20-9.2 as meaning that they can refuse a driving license to anyone who does not consent to be registered with the Selective Service System. Should this virus catch elsewhere, I would hope to see a rash of cases of driving without a license, some accompanied by resisting arrest, with extreme prejudice. [smith2004]

Information Clearing House - "Operation Iraqi Freedom" - graphic photos from the United States' war on Iraq, many of women and children. War is hell. That Congress and George Bush would visit this on someone who did not initiate it is a crime against humanity. Execution is too good for them. [whatreallyhappened]

Maher Arar at Common Dreams - Delivered Into Hell by US War on Terror - a Syrian-born Canadian citizen who was detained without charges at a stop-over in New York City on his way home to Canada, then shipped back to Syria, where he was tortured for ten months until he signed a confession for things he never did. More proof that the Busheviks deserve slow, painful, deaths. [whatreallyhappened]

R. Lee Wrights at Rational Review - Deadlier suppositions - one of the better anti-war screeds I have read recently, centering around the killing of nine Afghan children in an airstrike intended for one "suspected terrorist" who the locals say had already left. The killing of an innocent bystander should bring a trial of the shooter for murder, or at least manslaughter, war or not. [smith2004]

Why do they hate us? Maybe it would be more appropriate to ask, "Why shouldn't they hate us?" We have bombed their homes and deposed their rulers only to replace those regimes with banana republics that leave the people in worse conditions than they had known before. Our President declares that you are either with him or against him and if you stand against him you will die. Too bad if you want no part of the fight that is brewing' you are the ones who will be forever remembered as "collateral damage."

Liberty Round Table - Google-Bombing the War on Freedom - I have joined the google bomb against the deceptively named Center for Science in the Public Interest, associating their name on the web with Food Nazis. My Google Bomb page is [sunni]

Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - December 9, 2003: Winter - Turkey hunting and imagined cooking with Ray Chapman; Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray, "To read something totally free of political correctness is refreshing"; "One - Two - Three" is better than "Brrp"; Daughter Lindy's Texas hunt; the low mounted leg holster; Captain Tyler Heath, USMC, is back from combat loaded with stories; teaching the modern technique in Mesopotamia; single-shot works as mountain rifle; Walt Comstock, RIP; "We hear too much complaint about the inconveniences of military services"; bad help at Kimber; guerilla = little war; why all the hand wringing about capital punishment; Sowell on judgementalism; boring preoccupation with "accuracy"; "The family feast is the bastion of social order"; silly Moors poem; new major caliber service pistols expected from H&K and Sig at SHOT show; desirable attributes of a .22 plinking pistol; Pretoria to become Bantuesque?; Hassan ben Saba; dash and the swagger stick.

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