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From Something Fishy by Rocky Frisco:
My neighbor says the world is like an upside-down cake; as soon as all of the sons-of-bitches have trodden all the good-hearted people entirely to the bottom, God will bake it and turn it over. I don't know if there's any truth to the idea, but I like it.
One of my buddies says that to call this a "Drug War" is like calling the Holocaust a "War on Kosher Food."
When Jimmie Carter was first elected, for a few short weeks after the inauguration he still looked like the guy we put in office. Then, suddenly, between one television appearance and the next, he seemed to have shrunk slightly and aged ten or fifteen years overnight. He sort of "greyed" out, (and I don't mean his hair) as if some of the life or spirit had gone out of him.

As we watched, that night, I commented on his changed appearance. My ladyfriend said, "It looks like he finally found out who really runs this country." - Big News - cartoon commentary on recent headlines. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Mike Shelton at The Orange County Register - Prescription Drug Benefit... - cartoon commentary on the latest big-government medical program. Hehe.

Mike Shelton at The Orange County Register - Freedom Can Be the Future of Every Nation! - cartoon commentary on the Bushevik's rhetoric on the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act. Hehe.

From Revolution to Reconstruction - The Anti-Federalist Papers - part of a "Hypertext in American History" at The Department of Humanities Computing, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. I have not yet read the Federalist or Anti-Federalist Papers. More's the shame.

Paul Krassner at Exquisite Corpse - Threats Against the President - (right column) On the danger of speaking publically against the government in police state Amerika. [grabbe]

"Almost daily, someone informs me that he is scared of openly expressing his views. Even those who do dare to speak out do so in hushed tones, fearful of what ears might overhear. In the politically charged atmosphere that exists in America today, having the wrong person hear criticism of the government can lead to trouble. That became evident recently when an entertainer [a singer] who innocently joked that President Bush had 'chicken legs' was banned from performing further at Borders Books and Music in Fredericksburg."

The nation continues to gallop toward a police state in the guise of security. And, in the process, rampant paranoia has now become our Gross National Product. Some elementary schools have even gone so far as to ban parents from bringing cameras to record their children performing in the annual Christmas pageant, because authorities are afraid that those videotapes might somehow find their way into the horny hands of breathless pedophiles.

Peter J. Mancus at - Liberty - a brilliant exposition of the principles of American liberty, as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Even better than Mr. Mancus' Reflections Upon the U.S. Supreme Court's Rejection of Silveira, to which I linked on Thursday. Don't miss it.

The right to carry a hand held weapon for lawful self-defense and for lawful defense of others in a public place, without a CCW permit [other than the Second Amendment,] and without having to first get anyone's permission to do so, is a fundamental right.


Burn this into your psyche: An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject--and worse: a piss ant. Civil authority has to take a citizen seriously. Civil authority can ignore, flatten, incarcerate, and execute a piss ant. Which would you rather be: a citizen or a piss ant


Citizens who really believe in the inalienable right to life and liberty, and that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to arms that shall not be infringed, act like it. They pack a sidearm without a CCW permit. They go public with that fact. They defy civil authority to arrest them. If arrested, they defend in court. If the jury does not cut them loose, and if they lose on appeal, the militia, if active, musters, and does whatever needs to be done to correct a miscarriage of justice. Otherwise, Liberty is toothless.


A true, deep love of Liberty, coupled with a faithful adherence to the Bill of Rights, would eliminate many of Mankind's major political-legal problems. Such an attitude would create a firm foundation for safety in society and an excellent basis for a long term, mutually rewarding, Citizen-Civil Authority relationship. Sadly, however, too many in and out of civil authority lack such an attitude. Too many think the Founders, the Framers, and the Ratifiers are old prune faces reduced to dust who are irrelevant by over two hundred years. To exacerbate matters, too many erroneously believe that they are smarter than the Framers, or they are not duty bound to adhere to the Framers' framework. There is, however, a direct relationship between how far civil authority undermines the Bill of Rights and our current major political-legal problems. To the extent that civil authority and Authoritarian Elitists persist with perverting language to undermine the Bill of Rights, it is inevitable that those who value Liberty will be forced to confront reality starkly. When that happens, many will roll up their sleeves and begin to slit throats. Liberty will be born anew from such courage and conviction, and it will be nurtured with the blood of Patriots and Non-Patriots.

JPFO Alerts - The Answer to a Corrupt Justice System: Embrace the Bill of Rights - Don't waste your time attempting to reform our corrupt courts and legislatures. Instead, work towards restoring a Bill of Rights culture. Celebrate Bill of Rights day this coming and every December 15. [scopeny]

Jeff Quinn at GunBlast - Ruger SP101 Target Gray Stainless .357 Magnum - at 25 ounces, it's twice as heavy as the S&W Scandium revolver I linked to yesterday, but it's still a good carry gun, according to Mr. Quinn. $505 suggested retail. The target gray stainless version of the SP101 is available only from Lipsey's. [gunblast]

Ruger's double action revolvers have always been built without a removable side plate. This adds needed strength to the frame area around the cylinder, without adding bulk to the revolver. The SP101 follows this design, and the result is a small revolver that can handle a steady diet of full power .357 Magnum ammunition. Other gun makers have since added the magnum chambering to their pocket revolvers by beefing them up in high stress areas, but they have neither the strength nor the durability of the SP101. The SP101 is simply the strongest small frame .357 Magnum available.

Now, lest one thinks that I do not like Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers, I do. I have one in my pocket as I write this. They are light and very handy, but they will not stand up to the heavy use of full power magnum loads as well as the little Ruger will. The closest comparison to the SP101 is Smith's model 60 .357 Magnum. The Ruger is about the same size and weighs one ounce more than the Smith, but is much stronger. S&W also has their Scandium series of small double action revolvers. They are of the same design as the stainless model 60, but weigh half as much at only twelve ounces. The Ruger SP101 weighs twenty-five ounces, which is a considerable difference if carried in a pants pocket. However, for that added weight you get a gun that is much stronger, easier to shoot well, has much less felt recoil, and will withstand years of hard use. In a good concealable belt holster, the little Ruger will ride all day comfortably, with no more of a bulge than any other small frame .38 or .357 revolver.


The SP101 fills a niche between the super light titanium magnums and the larger service revolvers. It has the compact size of the smaller guns, with the strength and lifelong durability of the larger guns. If you want a compact, reliable, and easy to shoot .357 Magnum that will endure many thousands of magnum loads and last a lifetime, the SP101 is the best choice available...

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