CCW Considered Evil

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 01 Dec 2003 13:00:00 GMT
Kent van Cleave - Homeland Security Codes Clarified - cartoon commentary on the American Gestapo's color codes. Hehe. [tle]

Mike Straw at The Libertarian Enterprise - A Town Called Liberty - Wow! Mr. Straw pens a sarcastic tour-de-force. [tle]

In days of old, it was said that Men, mere individuals, actually carried deadly arms with which to undertake their own protection.

Can you even imagine such an absurd thing?

We all know from earliest childhood that only Government Agents can be trusted, so obviously, no mere person could ever have possessed such a dangerous tool without The Government's permission!

It was told, in days of yore, that mere people could go anywhere without first notifying The Government and being approved, then actually travel, without escort, without checkpoints, if you can believe such a thing, and simply go wherever it was that they chose to go.


In those days, it's said, Men actually ate animals they themselves killed with the deadly tools they carried.

Aaron Zelman at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - The "Good" News, The Bad News and The Truth About Concealed Carry Permits - why concealed carry permits are evil. Pure evil.

"But," you object. "Concealed carry permits aren't taking away our right to bear arms. They're giving that right back to us! It's ridiculous to make all these dire, dramatic claims when the government is actually encouraging us to defend ourselves!"

Unfortunately, you're wrong if you think that. Dead wrong.

By telling you that you can only defend your life if it gives you permission, the government is conning you into surrendering a right in exchange for a mere privilege. It's a privilege revokable at any time and subject to limits and controls. It's a privilege (as we saw in the examples above) that makes you a second-class citizen and an automatic criminal suspect. In exchange for your trust and your hefty permit fee, you get the privilege of becoming one of society's "undesirables," an automatic criminal suspect--and a person who allows the government to control his firearms.

Remember: By issuing concealed carry permits, the state is telling you that your life isn't valuable enough, isn't sacred enough to protect unless you pay the government money.

Do you agree that your life has so little value? Do you agree that the state has the authority to determine whether you live or die?

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