April 2003

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 26 Nov 2003 21:54:48 GMT
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Tuesday, 1 April: April Fools, 2003

Wednesday, 2 April: Still Sick Thursday, 3 April: One Sick Puppy Friday, 4 April: Back at Work Saturday, 5 April: Beretta CX-4 Storm Carbine Sunday, 6 April: Happy Forty-Seventh Birthday to Me! Monday, 7 April: Still Coughing, But on the Mend Tuesday, 8 April: Still Coughing Wednesday, 9 April: WOLF .308 and .30-06 available in July Thursday, 10 April: Regulation Friday, 11 April: Wednesday's Big Lie Saturday, 12 April: Patient Protection Act Sunday, 13 April: Bush Backs Renewal of Assault Weapons Ban Monday, 14 April: Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs with Small Breast & A Left Wing Tuesday, 15 April: Time to Pay the Protection Racket Wednesday, 16 April: Totalitarianism: The Target of the Gun Grabbers Thursday, 17 April: Iraq? Er... I meant to say "Syria" Friday, 18 April: Pax Amerikana Saturday, 19 April: Ten Years After Waco Sunday, 20 April: Bunny Day, 2003 Monday, 21 April: New (To Me) Sights Tuesday, 22 April: Remember Elian Gonzales Wednesday, 23 April: The Edison Device Thursday, 24 April: The Oregon Child "Protection" Mafia Marches On Friday, 25 April: Color Code of Readiness Saturday, 26 April: Cesium Chloride: An Inexpensive Cure for Cancer? Sunday, 27 April: Next Time, I'm Voting Libertarian Monday, 28 April: The IRS Took Your Pony Tuesday, 29 April: Get Your Gulliver out of Your Sharry Wednesday, 30 April: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast, Gotta Make the Morning Last

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