May 2003

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 07 Jun 2003 11:30:30 GMT
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Thursday, 1 May: Sheet Head

Friday, 2 May: Welcome Back, Wolf! Saturday, 3 May: Support Your Local Libertarian: Buy a Bumper Sticker Sunday, 4 May: Zeppelin Rocks! Monday, 5 May: Mars Thundered Wednesday, 7 May: Benchmark for 444 Marlin Thursday, 8 May: Reloading Again Friday, 9 May: Remember Your Mother on Sunday Saturday, 10 May: The Bradys Bunch Their Panties Again Monday, 12 May: Coming Soon to America: Thomas Paine II Tuesday, 13 May: Wanna See My Pride and Joy? Wednesday, 14 May: More on the Proposed New "Assault Weapons" Ban Thursday, 15 May: Ides of May, 2003 Friday, 16 May: Lunar Eclipse Saturday, 17 May: Reloading the Matrix Sunday, 18 May: Your Webmaster, Reloaded Monday, 19 May: The Fountain of Truth Wednesday, 21 May: You Are a Nigger, and So Am I Thursday, 22 May: Liberty Book Shop Friday, 23 May: Byrd on Iraq Saturday, 24 May: Are You a Subject, or a Citizen? Sunday, 25 May: Feinstein and Schumer Wish You Were Dead Monday, 26 May: Memorial Day, 2003 Wednesday, 28 May: Death Camp Planned at Guantanamo Bay Thursday, 29 May: Canada to Decriminalize Pot Friday, 30 May: Just Say "YES!" to Drugs Saturday, 31 May: Pulsed Fast Neutron Analysis Cargo Inspection System

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