Cesium Chloride: An Inexpensive Cure for Cancer?

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 26 Apr 2003 12:00:00 GMT
From Chuck Muth's News & Views:
"Finally, Mr. Speaker, I would remind my fellow supporters of gun rights that using unconstitutional federal powers to restrict state gun lawsuits makes it more likely those same powers will be used to restrict our gun rights. Despite these lawsuits, the number one threat to gun ownership remains a federal government freed of its constitutional restraints. Expanding that government in any way, no matter how just the cause may seem, is not in the interests of gun owners or lovers of liberty." -- Ron Paul

James Traficant - GPO Page H4681 - House of Representatives, June 20, 2000 [birdman]

The Supreme Court says pornography is okay and it is okay to burn the flag, that Communists can work in our defense plants, that it is okay to teach witchcraft in our schools and that it is okay for our students to write papers about the devil.

But the Supreme Court says it is illegal to write papers about Jesus, it is illegal to pray in school, and now the Supreme Court says it is even illegal to pray before a football game.

Beam me up. I thought the founders intended to create a Supreme Court, not a Supreme Being. Think about that statement.

I yield back a Supreme Court that is so politically correct they are downright stupid, so stupid they could throw themselves at the ground and miss!

From The Federalist:

"Iraq needs only four people to achieve post-Saddam success. Unfortunately, they are George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Marshall." -- George Will

Truthfilter - A 350K MP3 splicing together bits from Bushnev speeches revealing what he really means. Hehe. [smith2004]

Cancer Coverup: The Neal Deoul Story - an effective, inexpensive cure for cancer? Mr. Deoul claims that it worked for him and his friends. The medical establishment can't have that. It kills their cash cow. So Mr. Deoul and his wife have spent four years and two million dollars defending themselves against Maryland atorney general J. Joseph Curran. (A naturopath I respect told me that his M.D. friend learned in medical school that a cancer patient is worth $50,000. "If you don't get that much out of one, you're a fool.") Ignore the first story on the page and scroll down to Neal's Story and Kathleen's Personal Letter. And you can buy the book. And check out the links in the green bar on the left side of the page, including Neal's Dosage (excerpted below). The secret: high pH therapy via Cesium, in salt form. And concentrated aloe vera juice. Karla's immediate response when I mentioned this was, "Isn't Cesium radioactive?" Some isotopes are. Half-lives vary from stable (Cs-133) to 2.3 million years (Cs-135). Cs-137 is very harmful. Cesium-Chloride.com advertises Cesium Chloride powder for $95/lb: recommended by this page on Dr. H. E. Sartori's Cesium cancer therapy. You need 100 to 150 grams (taken over 4 to 6 weeks) according to a few of the pages I looked at via a cesium+cancer Google search. That's 1/4 pound or so. Standard disclaimer: do not take this as medical advice. Consult a physician before starting Cesium therapy. [smith2004]

Breakfast Cesium (1 gram capsule) plus
Vitamin C (1000 milligrams) plus
Zinc (25 - 30 milligrams) and
one slo k potassium capsule as prescribed by a physician
Lunch Vitamin C (1000 milligrams)
Dinner Cesium (1 gram capsule) plus
Vitamin C (1000 milligrams)
Before bedtime in the evening Cesium (1 gram capsule) plus
Vitamin C (1000 milligrams),
after eating 2 slices of bread.

Let me emphasize, I was informed that Cesium must always be taken with food. I strictly followed that advice throughout my treatment period.

Others who followed the Cesium protocol in treating their cancer inform me that they have taken as much as 6 grams of Cesium daily, adhering to a similar schedule as outlined above and always with food and supplements.

Kim du Toit - Misgivings - about the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act.

I'm not comfortable with the Patriot Act -- not one jot nor tittle of it. I think the whole thing was ill-conceived, was cobbled together in a panic after 9/11, and rushed into law. It was cloaked in a mantle of "patriotism" (always a bad thing), and it gives government just a little too much power over us, for my liking -- and the government already has too much power over us, for my liking. In fact, the only good thing about the Patriot Act is that it contained "sunset" provisions -- a sure sign that many legislators felt uncomfortable about delegating that much power to the State.

Quick question for my Loyal Readers: Would you feel as comfortable with the Patriot Act if Janet Reno was still Attorney-General?

Bill Riley at Doing Freedom! - DIY Gas Mask - cheap, easy to make, don't know how well it will work. [Doing Freedom!]

Karl Baer at Doing Freedom! - Remittance Man - short story illustrating justice in the free market. Hehe. [Doing Freedom!]

Lew Rockwell at LewRockwell.com - Rule By Force Alone - why the U.S. will never create a "democracy" in Iraq. [smith2004]

And how long will martial law by a foreign occupation military have to last? General Jay Garner has two conditions: "long enough to start a democratic government" and "long enough to get their economy going." Thus do we see the absurdities into which US foreign policy has sunk: Democracy via military dictatorship, and economic growth at the point of a gun. This is essentially no different from the old Soviet claim that it too was a democracy that fostered economic growth, that it too ruled in order to liberate.


Whether the Iraqis are living under Saddam or foreign military occupation, the words of La Boétie ring true: "Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces."

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