Ten Years After Waco

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 19 Apr 2003 12:00:00 GMT
From kaba:
"If you have ever seen a four-year-old trying to lord it over a two-year-old, then you know what the basic problem of human nature is and why government keeps growing larger and ever more intrusive." -- Thomas Sowell

Bill St. Clair - Waco Justice - Today is the tenth anniversary of the mass murder by government agents of 82 people--22 of them innocent helpless little children. And the perps are still walking around as if they did nothing wrong. I have nothing to add or take away from what I wrote about this two years ago. I would still gladly pay $100 for a raffle ticket giving me a chance to pull the trigger that ends the life of one of the duly tried and convicted scum.

Mike Johnson of The North Central Florida Regional Militia via Citizens for Better Government - Shot Heard 'Round the World: Who Fired First? - today is also Patriot's Day, the two hundred twenty-eighth anniversary of the shot heard 'round the world. I discovered this telling of the story via a Google search. Maybe we really should have a Million Gun March on Washington. If they fire on us, we are then authorized to take them out.

As a true Militia force, the men of Lexington were duly authorized by the government to arm themselves and drill upon the green of their own town. They did so. They formed up in ranks at parade rest and awaited the British troops. When the British showed up, they ordered the Militia to disband. The Militia disobeyed that order. They were standing with their weaponry where they had every legal and legitimate right to be that morning. THEY REMAINED STANDING IN RANKS AND PERMITTED THE BRITISH TO FIRE THE FIRST VOLLEY. I will repeat that as it is vitally important to an understanding of what took place that day and how it affected the legitimacy of the government. THE MILITIA OF LEXINGTON REMAINED STANDING IN FORMATION AND PERMITTED THE BRITISH TO FIRE THE FIRST VOLLEY.

You see, until the British fired upon the Militia, the Militia could not legally or morally use lethal force against the British troops who until that moment represented the legitimate interests of the de jure government of the Colonies. However, once they fired upon people who were merely practicing civil disobedience by standing in an area where they had every right to stand bearing equipment that they had every right to possess, the British troops forfeited the legitimacy of the British government, as well as making themselves valid targets for the Militia from that point on. Now, the Militia of Lexington broke and ran after that. Big surprise. They were outnumbered about 100 or so to 1. The British troops were much better trained than the Militia was and could be expected to win an open field set piece battle with no difficulty at all.

Mary Lou Seymour at Rational Review - April 15th, 2003: Celebrate April 19th -- resistance to tyranny - Ms. Seymour reminds us of Waco and Patriots Day and also tells the story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, sixty years ago today, in 1943. [villagechoice]

Only if we are ever vigilant to the inroads of tyranny, and warn against every encroachment on liberty, can we avoid the fate of the Jews (and others) of Germany. Only if we become Paul Reveres, and warn our communities that the "redcoats" of our day are indeed coming, can we remain free.

History doesn't record, of course, how many who heard "the redcoats are coming" rolled over and went back to sleep, figuring that tomorrow was soon enough to take action, but those ever complacent individuals are always among us. It's our job to wake them up.

So, on April 19 this year, let's do our part to not only commemorate the brave actions of those who resisted at Waco, Lexington, and Warsaw, but vow to continue to spread the word to support resistence to tyranny, whenever it may appear, no matter how disguised it may be in friendly smiles and trappings of patriotism.

Gene Callahan at LewRockwell.com - Iraq, You Are Now Free... And Here's What You Have to Do - Mr. Callahan dissembles the thirteen points BugMeNot released on Tuesday by United States Central Command headquarters in Qatar directing Iraq on how to form a post-war government. [lew]

Lew Rockwell at LewRockwell.com - Laundering the War - why the United States government will never be able to wash the blood out of its war on Iraq. [lew]

One doesn't have to be a libertarian to understand the ancient principle: the king is not above the law. States cannot, with clean hands, commit deeds rightly illegal for the rest of us. Just the one armless, burned, orphaned 12-year-old boy invalidates the entire project. Not even government may do evil so that alleged good may come of it. However, it seems that this war did evil so that evil will come of it.

John Birch at Concealed Carry, Inc. - Gun Stores:Please Cooperate with the NAACP by Refusing to Sell Guns to African-Americans - Mr. Birch has long propounded that the best way to prevent black-on-black violence is to arm the honest folk in blank communities. He has decided to take the NAACP at their word and do his part in disarming all blacks. I can't tell if this is meant tongue-in-cheek. It certainly could be, or Mr. Birch may be totally serious. It's difficult to respond to people who think that turning yourself into a helpless victim is the best way to protect your family and your community. Mr. Birch'es approach is certainly a good attempt. [kaba]

Sasha Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy - Gun Policy Debate Available on the Web! - The Harvard Law School Shooting Club has a Real Video recording of the April 7 panel/debate at the law school on constitutional and policy issues surrounding gun ownership. Participants were Alan Dershowitz, Eugene Volokh, Dennis Henigan, and Elena Kagan. It runs almost two hours. Ms. Kagan played moderator. Mr. Henigan presented the anti-gun position. Mr. Volokh presented the pro-gun position. Mr. Dershowitz presented the legal position, though he made it clear that he personally would like to see the complete abolition of individual gun ownership. Mr. Dershowitz complained that he thought it should be illegal to claim that the holocaust never happened. It seems to me that it might as well have not happened; he didn't learn its primary lesson, that we need to be armed to protect ourselves from our own government. Mr. Volokh did not speak as well as the other two, IMHO. Still, he did a pretty good job of presenting the pro-gun position and warning against the slippery slope (about which he has written a 100 page article for the Harvard Law Review. Missing from the pro-gun argument was the reminder that the Constitution is there to provide a cage for the government, to severely limit the domain of its law-making authority. That's what rights are about. If something is truly a right, then six billion people minus one do not have the authority to violate that one person's right. And rights may not be legislated. So no constitutional provision can affect them in any way. The Bill or Rights affirms rights, it does not provide them. [kaba]

Chisun Lee at The Village Voice - Ashcroft's New Ally - Chuckie Schumer, New York's senior gun grabbing senator. [villagechoice]

Opinion Journal - Those Dictator 'Dominoes' - The Wall Street Journal editors' opinion on how the toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime has affected other dictators. [muth]

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