Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs with Small Breast & A Left Wing

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 14 Apr 2003 12:00:00 GMT
From a DC Protest Video:

From birdman:

Guardian Unlimited - Rumsfeld: Iraqi Leaders Leave for Syria - guess which Middle East country is next on the list for "liberation"? [whatreallyhappened]

BBC News - Powell deals Syria new warning - Powell and Rumsfeld. Syria is definitely next. [whatreallyhappened]

Rob at Strike the Root - Some Thoughts About the War - War is the health of the state. Period. [trt-ny]:

I've heard many people say that U.S. troops are "fighting for our freedom." Say what? The only way I can think of that Saddam Hussein ever threatened my freedom is when he accepted billions of dollars worth of loan guarantees, biological weapons, equipment needed to make chemical weapons, military hardware and intelligence that was provided to him by the Reagan and Bush (41) administrations and paid for with money that had been taken from me or my parents by force. There is only one entity that requires me to send them a large check every quarter under penalty of imprisonment or death, that taxes my property and virtually every purchase I make, and that regulates my life in thousands of ways (including the size of the tank I'm allowed to have on my toilet), and it is not Saddam Hussein's regime.


One of the surprises of this war (wars are like that--full of surprises) has been the widespread looting that has taken place in Iraq. But should it have been a surprise? American taxpayers were looted to pay for this military, and Iraq's oil will be looted to pay for the invasion and occupation. Government is in the business of plunder, and war sets a moral tone that makes looting seem more acceptable. If it's OK to kill innocent people, what's so bad about stealing their property?

Dmitry Chernikov at LewRockwell.com - Toy Soldiers - a Russian dissembles the Amerikan propaganda machine. Why the U.S. army is a communist organization. Why we should follow the Constitution and abolish the standing army. [smith2004]

The military, that greatest conservative institution in the U.S. and the embodiment of strength and honor, protects the American people from aggression. The foolish and cowardly naysayers do not comprehend how many foreign tyrants are looking to plunder our nation's silverware, force Microsoft to publish the Windows source code, and convert us to Islam at gunpoint. Our soldiers spread American virtues all over the globe, protecting the weak, establishing order, and securing important resources for the American consumer. God bless our guys, and may the sacrifices they make for all of us every single day be always remembered.

Such is our carefully cultivated myth about the military. This is what the guardians of what is perfectly normal, thank you very much, teach children in civics classes, and this is also the belief of many adults. Now I was blessed with attending school in the former Soviet Union where the propaganda was too clumsy and heavy-handed to be taken seriously. That was also the time of the collapse of the Soviet Empire, which means that nobody really cared. Fortunately for all concerned, the American Leviathan is healthy and pleasantly alert. This is why the citizen-subjects of this great country overlook the obvious fact that the modern military is a Communist establishment, and the ideology which sustains it a relapse into primitive barbarism which took place after a period of relative civilization. Genghis Khan burned entire towns and piled thousands of skulls into enormous pyramids. Only a few decades ago million-men armies slaughtered each other in world wars with efficiency which would have astounded poor old Genghis. Thriving cities were razed to the ground and their inhabitants annihilated. No one could escape, for if a citizen was not a soldier, he was considered to be a tool of state working for the war effort.


There was a reason why the Founders abhorred standing armies. It is very dangerous to have a well-armed, extremely expensive, mindlessly obedient, and uncivilized group of Communists among a free people. When the conservatives were yelling at Bill Clinton for "gutting the military," one wondered exactly what the problem was. It was simply that Clinton preferred his welfare state to his warfare state, while the current master, George Bush, has the opposite preference.

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