Happy Forty-Seventh Birthday to Me!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 06 Apr 2003 12:00:00 GMT
Jim Duensing at The Libertarian Enterprise - Operation American Freedom - an April Fool's Day piece describing what could happen if GW ever took to heart the real meaning of the word "freedom." Hey, we can dream, can't we? [tle]
It has come as a great shock to me that I have repeatedly misused the word freedom. Apparently, it does not mean the government can snoop and spy and attack anyone at will. I apologize for my confusion, but would like to remind the American people and that part of the world, which has yet to burn me in effigy, that I was just continuing the policy established by previous holders of this office.

At any rate, freedom actually means complete autonomy over one's person and actions. Any attempt by any external force to constrain, imprison, or murder an individual in their pursuit of happiness constitutes an attack on freedom, even if that external force is hunting evil doers or just damn proud of Texas.

Since I have declared the War on Terror to be a war in defense of our freedoms, I hereby decree that any act by any governmental agent to constrain the liberty of any peaceful American shall be considered an act of terror. The War on Terror now has two enemies, those foreigners who hate our freedom and those Americans who hate our freedom.

John Ross at Freds M14 Stocks - Give It to Them Straight - The Author of Unintended Consequences goes over a few misconceptions of the Brady Bunch and tells us how we usually answer them and how we should answer them. [smith2004]

William Stone, III at The Libertarian Enterprise - The Zero Aggression Institute - Mr. Stone introduces a new web site, 0ap.org, dedicated to educating people about the Zero Aggressions Principle, the basis of libertarian philosophy. Added to my links page. Check it out. The Flash intro animation is worth waiting for. [tle]

The unfettered creative power of free individuals will transform the human experience. Individual self-government guided by the Zero Aggression Principle will bring human civilization and individual achievement to heights never dreamed possible. The Zero Aggression Institute will help provide the philosophical context for every human being to achieve their birthright:

Freedom, Immortality, and the Stars!

Michael Gilson de Lemos at anti-state.com - Invade Liechtenstein - before their semi-anarchy spreads! Hehe. [anti-state]

This is a warning not merely for now but all future US Governments. Presidential advisors must not hesitate, must not falter, must not attempt to use grammar. It is too late for that.

A system where you can choose governments like hotel stays and we trust each other enough to have endless tiny governments of a few thousand citizens -- dare I say in some places no government at all -- once it catches on cannot be stopped by any Army or Bureaucracy. It will in fact dissolve Armies and Bureaucracies at home and then spread abroad like a corrosive acid.

Manuel Miles at The Libertarian Enterprise - Massive Outbreak Of Infectious Disease Hits D.C.! - On the plague of CRS ("Can't Remember Somethings") in the nation's capital. Hehe.

Solutions to the horrifying health hazard of CRS vary, from medical opinions that the White House presidential palace and the Capitol building must both be razed to the ground and the earth sown with salt to the spiritualists' claim that the situation can be rectified only if several million Americans march counter-clockwise around those edifices while chanting, "Out, demons, out!"

Alan Hutch at The Libertarian Enterprise - Which Two Wars? - a list of the numerous wars, foreign and domestic, into which America's "leaders" have gotten us. [tle]

Lehr Duquesne at The Libertarian Enterprise - Centennial - an imaginary look back from 2059 at changes in America after the Libertarian Party gained majority status in the House of Representatives. Hehe. [tle]

Java 1.4.2 Beta is available for download from java.sun.com. It appears to be mostly bug fixes. Startup time was improved, Swing has a new Windows XP look and feel, [wes]

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