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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 02 Apr 2003 13:00:00 GMT
I acquired a cold and cough a week ago. It kept me in bed Saturday through Monday, and knocked me down again yesterday afternoon. I'm working at home today since both kids are sick, and the wife has to go to classes. SARS? Probably not. Just a garden variety cold with cough. Such coughs usually take two or three weeks to completely disappear.

Bob Wallace at - I Will Never Vote Again - an entertaining romp. Don't miss it. [smith2004]

I used to say that the only people worse than politicians were child molesters. I've decided politicians are worse. They harm hundreds of millions more people. Child molesters are immoral and illegal; politicians are immoral but unfortunately still legal. I keep having all these weird thoughts, like God was really hung over when he created politicians. And then the next day He goes, "Oh, Man...did I really do that?"


The people supporting the plans for an American global policeman -- an American Empire -- are a big ugly Critters-like mass of self-deception, hubris, and blindness. Tell them they're wrong, and they won't believe it. Prove them wrong, and they still won't believe it. It's like trying to talk to one of those stuffed, mummified cats under glass at an Egyptian exhibition at the museum ("Sorry, but my brain was removed 2500 years ago.").

They think they can violate Natural Law and change the cultures of other countries through mass murder, mass destruction and mass theft. They think the invaded aren't going to fight back and instead welcome us with open arms as liberators? ("Yeah, I know, you killed my family, but, ah, what the heck, it was an attempt to free them from tyranny.") Violating Natural Law and saying "it's for a good reason" is the same as someone religious thinking they can bribe God. ("Ah, come on, it's for a really noble cause. Hey, now wait just a minute!" ZZZZOTZ!)

American State Terrorism - Valuable Websites - links and commentary on lots of web sites containing information about American state terrorism. Marked leftist anti-corporate slant, though they appear to support our right to keep and bear arms. [scopeny]

"Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience..." -- John Locke


Do you think the only people who dare to stand up for their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms are all those camouflaged, animal-murdering, Budweiser-guzzling, flag-waving, gun-nut wackos?

If so, think again. Rational, decent, intelligent people stand up for their rights too. And their worst enemy on this issue is another species of nut: the gun-control freak. If bourgeois liberal gun-control freaks had their way, the only people who would have guns would be violent cops, violent criminals and violent U.S. military-government thugs -- all of whom are essentially the same nasty class of people.

And then of course there is the nastiest class of all -- the American ruling class -- the greatest, most cleverly criminal class of ruthless subhumanoids on the planet. These ultra-wealthy elites are the ones whom all the violent thugs ultimately work for, and the elites are totally above the law. Nobody ever dares to make a peep about taking their guns away -- least of all the bourgeois liberal gun-control freaks.

Hmm... isn't that strange.

When it comes to honestly solving the entire problem of systemic rot in the American way of life, capitalist bourgeois liberals have no stomach for seriously confronting the criminal ruling class. Even Ralph Nader and the Greens don't dare to talk about overthrowing the entire, rotten capitalist system -- and yet it is the fundamentally corrupt, corporate capitalist system which totally supports transnational corporate predators as they mutate, plunder and poison the world's biosphere to death. When the Revolution comes, the bourgeois liberal gun-control freaks will side with their true masters: the corporate capitalist ruling class.

Gun-control freaks and their plutocratic masters shudder at the thought of a well-armed general population. The only people on the street whom the gun-control freaks want to be armed are the murdering pigs. And for good reason -- a disarmed population is a helpless population. Just ask the Korean, Vietnamese, El Salvadoran, Nicaraguan and Guatemalan peasants. (Those who are still alive, that is.)

The United States of America is a fascist police-state which is ruled by genocidal war criminals. This criminal plutocracy, this deceitful, twisted, murdering hypocritocracy, is trying to terrorize the entire world into submission -- including the American peoples. It's a brutal reality, but only cowards, slaves and political whores want to stick their heads in the sand.

As long as there are any guns at all in this world it will have to be guns that provide ordinary, decent men and women with their best physical protection against the criminal classes.

Thomas L. Knapp at Rational Review - PayPal vs. PATRIOT: Never draw to an inside straight - some gummint goon in Missouri has demanded that PayPal fork over their collections from offshore casinos. This is covered by the PATRIOT act. An obvious terrorist act, don'cha think? [smith2004]

I was shocked to learn that the world's most-used Internet payment system was, in actuality, a plot hatched in the bowels of a cave in Tora Bora by some towel-headed terror magnate. I suspect that most people were. But the Ministry of Truth says so, and the Ministry of truth wouldn't lie, you know.

At issue is PayPal's processing of payments for online casinos. Yep, casinos. You didn't know that playing a hand of blackjack could be a terrorist act? Neither did PayPal, but the Ministry of Truth says so, and the the Ministry of Truth wouldn't lie, you know.

Unless PayPal hands over about nine months' worth of the revenues it collected on behalf of online -- but offshore -- casinos, MiniTrue threatens to hand them over to the tender mercies of the Ministry of Love.


We all knew that the USA PATRIOT Act would be abused -- it was specifically crafted with "broad powers" in mind -- but the speed with which that abuse has left even nominal claims of relationships to terrorism behind is an indication of just how big in their britches US Attorneys and other parasites are getting.

Wayne Madsen at Counterpunch - The Siege of Washington - some harsh words about the treatment by Bushnev's gang of chicken hawks of the Joint ChieFs of Staff followed by a good idea for getting rid of this tyrannical administration. [grabbe]

But I have a better idea for our brave troops who are being mishandled by the crowd that incrementally seized unconstitutional power between January 20, 2001 and in the weeks after September 11th. Instead of being forced to offer prayers for Bush and his cabal, their commanders should seek a pledge of their support for a military action to return the United States to its people.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, armed with enough support from their subordinate commanders, troops, and civilian staff, could place a team of Delta Force commandos and armor on the South Lawn of the White House and in front of the North Portico on Pennsylvania Avenue. Using large loudspeakers designed for use in civil action campaigns like the ones currently taking place in Umm Qasr, Basra, and Safwan, Iraq, the Delta Force commander would instruct the Secret Service to exit the White House and lay down weapons. Five minutes should be sufficient. They should then secure the "football" and the military officer who maintains it. The football is actually a large briefcase that contains the nuclear firing codes and it would have to be quickly separated from the madmen in the White House.

Bush, Cheney, Card, Rove, Fleischer, Rice, and the rest should then be taken into custody and transferred to a remote facility like Wackenhut's large detention center in Kern County, California, which was originally designed to hold American political prisoners and anti-war protestors.

The Joint Chiefs should quickly name a transition Executive to plan for new presidential elections. Executive authority could be vested in the man who received the majority of votes in the 2000 election. Al Gore would be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. In the interest of national unity, Gore would be asked to pledge not to seek re-election in the upcoming presidential election, which should be held no later than nine months from his inauguration.

Sherry Hightower at Politech - targeted by IRS, federal court order - Irwin Schiff has been forbidden by court order to sell his book, The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Tax. [grabbe]

Eric Raymond - Armed children - an exploration of the times and places where it makes sense for children to be armed. [scopeny]

The next logical question is: under what circumstances should children be trusted to carry weapons for self-defense without direct adult supervision? Again, "Never!" would be a radical and historically exceptional answer. It would also be unfair to the children, especially poor children who live in areas where the chance of encountering criminal or terrorist predators is significant.

It's worth bearing in mind that most decisions about using a firearm in self-defense are pretty simple. They don't tend to involve complicated ethical abstractions -- the relevant question is usually "Am I or a defenseless person I am responsible for in imminent danger of being assaulted, abducted or killed?" If the answer is no, you don't even draw your weapon.

Of course, the capacity to make those judgments varies from child to child. I have known intelligent, precocious children as young as eight years old who I would sooner trust with my .45 than, say, an adult alcoholic with an impulse-control problem. In fact, I wouldn't consider most adult pro-gun-control voters as trustworthy as the children I have in mind; people who project fear of their own behavior with weapons onto others make that spot between my shoulderblades itch.


The retreat of American gun culture from our cities and suburbs has coincided with the the fetishization of adolescence and the infantilization of our entire society. To reverse that trend, we need to remember the ways we used to use to encourage people to acquire self-discipline, character, and maturity. One of those ways was -- and in large parts of the U.S., still is -- the healthy use of lethal weapons.

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