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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:00:00 GMT
From Yahoo News, March 20 outside the U.S. embassy in Athens. Heil Bushcroft!

The Specious Report - Apology from Natalie Maines - what the Dixie chick who dissed the Shrub should have said. Hehe. [smith2004]

fhotg at kuro5hin - Al-Jazeera launches English language website - it's supposed to be at, but it wouldn't respond for me. One of the article commentors said that is better Arabic news. [kuro5hin]

Angel Shamaya at JPFO - Response to Hate Mail - Mr. Shamaya put down the n.r.a. and received hate mail about that and his support of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). This is his reply. [rrnd]

As for JPFO being "slimy-ass nazi-obsessed jews," first, while I have never seen JPFO leadership's backsides, I feel quite confident that their personal hygiene practices preclude the build-up of slime. Yes, there are Jewish people among JPFO leadership -- a rather helpful fact when dealing with subversive anti-Americans such as those who run and fund the "Anti Defamation League". And what you call "nazi-obsessed," I call "good strategy." Revealing the dark underbelly of genocide as it relates to gun control is one important facet of holding liberty's enemies in check. In fact, there are those among us who think the confiscation/genocide argument is the number one co- reason so many Americans oppose gun registration. Unfortunately, NRA strongly supports gun and gun owner registration -- which makes JPFO a far better investment of precious resources. Go read the following: Registration: The NRA Paradigm.

Sheldon Richman at The Future of Freedom Foundation - Make Mine a Freedom Muffin - Iraq is the place it is because of British adventures in empire building. Hence, Mr. Sheldon no longer eats English muffins, nor does his daughter own an English bulldog. They're freedom muffins, and hers is a freedom bulldog. [rrnd]

Liz Michael - Bush administration endorses "McVeigh Doctrine" - George W. Bush is Timothy McVeigh? Naw. Mr. McVeigh at least believed in something. Why the Bush/McVeigh doctrine is very dangerous, very dangerous indeed. [rrnd]

The Bush administration has decided to phrase their justification for the war in Iraq in a very dangerous way. The latest Bush propaganda philosophy goes like this: if you have a tyrannical government you're trying to get rid of, anywhere in the world, you bomb its government buildings, target its leaders, and label yourselves "freedom fighters", and you can morally do anything you want. If there is collateral damage in the death of innocents and babies, well, that's okay. That's just the price of war. War is hell. We'll "kinda, sorta, try" not to hurt innocents, but if we do... oh well... all for the liberation of the Iraqi people: all for "Iraqi Freedom".


And if that is not bad enough, many in the Pentagon are now actually seriously discussing the use of the American nuclear arsenal in Iraq, and talking about it gleefully. This brings to mind a biblical prophecy. It's the one where the angel pours out his wrath, which dries up the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the main tributaries of modern day Iraq: this act precedes another little battle. The one called Armagheddon.

Yellow Times - Official statement regarding's recent shutdown - Yellow Times was shut down on Monday for a couple of hours until they removed pictures of U.S. prisoners of war. When they posted links to another site containing these pictures, they were asked to remove the links. When they dissed their web hosting provider, they were shut down permanently. They're back up with a new provider. Well, they were back up last night. This morning the front page says: [yellowtimes]

Welcome to Currently our site is down while we upgrade our servers. Please check back in a few days.

Thank you.

Robert Fisk at The New Zealand Herald - Allies not telling truth - things are going wrong - truth suffers horribly in time of war. Not that you can expect it from very many in Washington during peace time either... [rrnd]

Kim du Toit - (Slightly) New Look - Mr. du Toit's web site has a new header. He's stumbled across a worthy goal. Great picture of a Mossberg 500 AOW pistol grip 12 gauge, too.

Turning America back into a nation of riflemen one person at a time.

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