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Mark Fiore at The Village Voice - The Blusterizer - Updated We Stand! Flash animation commenting on the renaming of items containing names associated with countries that have refused to jump on the war wagon. Hehe. [rrnd]

United for Peace and Justice - March for Peace and Democracy: Saturday, 3/22 - Assemble at noon, Broadway between 36th & 42nd Streets. That's today. They've got a permit to march on Broadway. [nyc.indymedia.org]

ABC News - More than 1,300 arrested in San Francisco protest - mostly for blocking traffic. [picks]

Alliance for the Separation of School and State - The Wild and Free Pigs Of the Okefenokee Swamp - an allegory. Be careful of "free" stuff. It can be used to enslave you. Mirrored here.

John deLaubenfels at Strike the Root - The Time For Debate Has Ended - Not! [rrnd]

Putting American troops, and their children, in harm's way without a damn good reason, is treason.

But Bush assures us he has a good reason. Here's a typical quote: "The people of the United States and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder." And yet we DO live under such an outlaw regime: George W. Bush's. At this very moment, weapons of mass murder are pulverizing innocent people, paid for by my tax dollars and yours. And we're expected to zip our mouths and salute?

A question for the CNN commentator and others who think "The time for debate has ended." Is this the advice you would give German citizens as Hitler pushed the button and invaded Czechoslovakia? Or Poland? Or France? "Just shut up and rally behind your leader, like a good little Citizen!" What's that I hear you say, that Bush is not Hitler? We'll come back to that question in just a second, but for the sake of argument, let's say that Hitler was a far nastier guy than Bush is. Now answer the question: what would you advise citizens of Nazi Germany to do as Hitler went insane and tried to take over the world? The answer strikes me as obvious: to the maximum extent possible, protest and resist!

Joe Mahoney at The New York Daily News - Gov seeks get-tough gun law - two undercover cops were killed on Staten Island. Pataki is proposing knee-jerk legislation making it easier to jail people for possession of "illegal" handguns. I posted the following messages to an email discussion about this. [scopeny]

Illegal handgun? There is no such thing. If these folks are using weapons, any weapons, to commit crimes, actual crimes against persons or their property, they are criminals. But possession of handguns, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, and shoulder-mounted heat-seeking missiles is their unalienable civil, Constitutional, and human right. Any law to the contrary is an abomination.

The second amendment exists to guarantee that the unorganized militia, all of us, are never denied the possession of military weapons. The security of a free state depends on this. Threatening that security is treason.
That's why our side is losing. We allow blatantly unconstitutional laws to stand. And we encourage knee-jerk legislation. Murder was illegal long before America existed. We need no new laws to cover this case. We need no new laws to cover anything, ever again. All the laws we will ever need were created by 1912, probably before that.

I don't know what happened in this case. If a grand jury finds reason to indict these guys for the murder of the cops, and a fully-informed jury of their peers finds them guilty, they should swing. If they defended themselves against cops posing as something else while violating their oaths by enforcing an unconstitutional law, then they are to be applauded.

The courts and the legislatures are not going to help us with this, folks. The system is corrupt beyond repair. We must let it be known that we will not obey unconstitutional laws, that anyone attempting to enforce such a law is a criminal, that arrest for an unconstitutional law is kidnapping, that voting for an unconstitutional law is conspiracy to commit mass assualt and kidnapping.

I don't tend to violate unconstitutional laws, not because it would be wrong to do so, but because it's inconvenient. There are lots of black- uniformed thugs waiting to impose "consequences". It has so far not been important enough to me to take up arms against a state gone horribly wrong. But as "security" measures become more and more draconian, that time draws closer and closer.

"Shall not be infringed" is potent language. It brooks no exceptions. There are no valid alternative interpretations. Every one of the 20,000 "gun control" laws is null and void, New York's Sullivan Law included.

Michael Peirce at LewRockwell.com - Combined Ops Has Issued A Communiqué - commentary on war from someone who has been there. [lew]

I killed men in that war and I don't regret it. But I think about it literally every day. Sometimes I'd rather use that time for something else. It's not guilt, not some silly stress syndrome or the other. It's simply that when you've killed men you can never forget it.

Maybe that's why I hate this so much.

JohnLott.org - The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard about Gun Control Is Wrong - another statistic-backed treatise re-enforcing the fact that guns save lives. Includes links to the raw data sets. Buy via this link ($20), and I get a cut. [kaba]

In his bestselling classic, More Guns, Less Crime, John R. Lott, Jr., proved that guns make us safer. Now, in his stunning new book, The Bias against Guns, Lott shows how liberals bury pro-gun facts out of sheer bias against the truth.

With irrefutable evidence, Lott shoots gun critics down and gives you the information you need to win arguments with those who want to ban guns.

Rick Stanley - Second American Revolution Militia *Mutual Defense Pact* - I hadn't checked out Mr. Stanley's web site for a while. There were a few interesting tidbits, including this one.

To become a militia member, you must formally download the application from the website, fill out all information, receive the Stanley Scoop via email to keep appraised of updates and any upcoming militia action, and be willing to defend another militia member's property with force of arms within the lower 48 states when summoned. This militia is a mutual defense pact between members. You want help in the future to defend your property, you must be willing to defend other militia members.

With the application, we need directions to your home or business, should you create a stand-off with thugs who are attempting to steal your property. You must create the stand-off first, and ask for help by contacting Rick Stanley at rick@stanley2002.org, or by phone at 303-329-0481 or cell at 303-669-4316.

You must have a cell phone or wireless because in a stand-off, your phone and power will be cut off. You must have the firepower, food, and water to sustain yourself for a prolonged amount of time. You must hold off the thugs for at least 24 hours, so that militia members have enough time to travel to your location to surround the thugs who are threatening you and your property, and to demand their surrender or secure your release with a force of arms.

Rick Stanley - Common Sense II - a revolutionary booklet, in the spirit of Thomas Paine's original. At 85 pages it's a long "booklet", but probably worth the read. From the Forward:

What is really happening in America and the world today? Dedicated individuals have been asking the same questions and researching the answers. This booklet is a modest compilation of some of this work. It has been organized in such a manner as to answer some of the most perplexing questions of our times.

Americans have grown up believing that they live in the best and freest nation in world history. However, closer inspection proves that the U.S. government has been secretly stealing freedom from the American people for decades. Challenging government usurpation of our inalienable rights in government courts reveal an entirely different authority than what we were taught to believe exists in America.

This booklet shows how our form of government was designed to function and how it functions today. It also describes how certain organizations and individuals have taken control of our constitutional republic. These individuals and organizations have managed to reverse the constitutionally intended order of sovereign citizens as masters of government servants.

The analyses within this booklet are from the best available information to date. The issues proposed are stated in general terms so that lines of logic and common sense are able to become clear; it is intended to inspire further thought and research.

Though the forces aligned against the common man may seem overwhelming, centuries of fraud and deceit through freedom-violating unconstitutional acts of Congress could be repealed with the simple stroke of a constitutional pen.

Please research for yourself anything in this booklet that you cannot accept. Our only desire is to see the foundations of our country restored and secured to their proper standing; that the sovereign state citizens of our nation be reinstated as masters of government servants.
Quantity ordering information:
The hardcopy of Common Sense II is a 3" x 6", 96-page booklet that is available singly as well as in quantity:
1-9--$2 each; 10-24--$1.50 each;
25-99--$1.25 each; 100+--$1 each
(S&H: 1-9 n/a; 10-24+20%; 25-99+15%; over100+10%)

To Order: Send check, money order or Liberty Currency to
The Idaho Observer
PO Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
(208) 255-2307

Rick Stanley - Counter Attack 2003 Forum Speech - Dallas, February 9, 2003. The story of Mr. Stanley's court fight in Colorado for our second amendment rights.

...We wait for one American patriot, to have the stones, the guts to say to American government when they come for his or her property - to say "HELL NO!!" Create a standoff and put out the world for help, and make sure Stanley hears about it by phone, e-mail, someway, somehow! I will immediately put out the word by e-mail, by phone and my list will do the same - asking for Patriots to come - come armed to the teeth - locked and loaded. Prepared to fight for OUR AMERICA, embodied in the spirit of ONE American Patriot - surrounded by police, BATF, IRS, FBI. I will be there. Hundreds have committed to stand with me in defense of that one lone American Patriot. I will go, and they will go to wherever we must in America, to defend OUR property rights - OUR Constitution. The government thugs with guns, will have our American Patriot surrounded, cut off from the world, scared out of his wits. Prepared to die for what is right. The right to property. No government interference.

We will come, individually, and some in groups. We will park a block outside of their government perimeter, and we will wait for more Patriots. We will patrol the perimeter with scouts, we will learn their positions, we will see their weaknesses. We will grow, and when we are strong, and have sufficient numbers, we will blockade their perimeter, pick up our firearms and demand with bullhorns the surrender of all of the illegal/unconstitutional government thugs with weapons. If they attack OUR American Patriot or OUR FORCE, we will defend him and ourselves with a vengeance, I am absolutely sure they have never seen before...

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