Beretta CX-4 Storm Carbine

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 05 Apr 2003 13:00:00 GMT
The Beretta CX-4 Storm Carbine is one sexy looking rifle! More photos here. Security Arms review by David Lalor here. More photos and expansive coverage at It can be converted between 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP by changing the barrel, magazine, and magazine adapter. I didn't see a price anywhere. [highroad]

WOLF Performance Ammunition - Rifle Ammunition - WOLF has added to their product line this year 150 & 168 grain .308 Winchester and 168 grain .30-06 Springfield ammo. Haven't seen any in a store yet, and I couldn't find the .308 ammo in any of the online catalogs I checked. I sent email to ammoman, and was told to ask Wolf directly. I sent email to them, and haven't received a reply.

Harry Browne - Rule-the-World Productions Proudly Presents...Operation Iraqi Freedom - good one from Mr. Browne. Funny even though it's all too true.

See our other Epic Productions, coming soon:
Operation Iranian Freedom
Operation Syrian Freedom
Operation Libyan Freedom
Operation Lebanese Freedom
Operation Zimbabwean Freedom
Operation Philippine Freedom *
Operation Pakistani Freedom
Operation Afghan Freedom III *
Due to conflicts of interest, we've had to cancel:
Operation American Freedom

Breaking All the Rules is an interesting looking web site. Good links page. Sartre, the author, maintains a blog.

Jeremy Mayer at The American Prospect - Presidential Quarantine: Why Bush can't leave America -- and why that matters - if GW visited anwhere in the world except regimes where dissent is stifled, he would be met by massive angry demonstrations, and rightly so. [rrnd]

The world's citizens are so helpless in the face of America's military supremacy and unilateral foreign policy that the only way they can express their anger is through civil unrest and boycotts. Even a visit to America's neighbors, Mexico or Canada, would produce scenes of unprecedented anti-American demonstrations.

And those images would matter here at home. In 1960, Kennedy used the anti-Nixon demonstrations abroad to argue that the nation was losing stature in the world. A foreign trip by Bush now would reveal to the average American in pictures -- so vivid that even FOX News couldn't spin them away -- just how bitterly our policies are opposed around the globe.

Timothy Egan at The New York Times - Terrorism Task Force Detains an American Without Charges BugMeNot - Maher Hawash is an American citizen who grew up in Kuwait. He is being held in solitary as a "material witness" by the sub-human nazi commie pinko slugs who have taken over the U.S. government (can you tell I'm angry about this story?). More at warblogging. [whatreallyhappened]

Charlie Reese - Ambivalence Of War - Americans might not be so hawkish if they were shown graphic images of the battle.

But as much as I love Lee and despise Sherman, Sherman was right. The glory of war is all moonshine. It is pure hell. That's why the American networks censor, without even being told, the ugly images of war. That was the case when they decided not to air the pictures of dead Americans that Iraqi television made available and that were broadcast globally by Al-Jazeera, the independent Arab television network.

That was the wrong decision. It is not the job of journalists to protect the sensitivities of people or to participate in American propaganda. Those ugly pictures of young Americans, their faces mutilated by bullets and shrapnel, are the true face of war. That's what war is: death, mutilation and destruction. Why hide from Americans what they wanted? The polls say 70 percent or more support war. Well, you should be willing to look at what you support -- all of it, not just a censored, prettified version of it.

John T. Kennedy at No Treason Blog - Ending Spam - use ecash to charge a small fee for every piece of received mail. Messages that come without the fee attached are rejected by your mail program. This won't end spam, as evidenced by the junk mail in your snail mailbox, but it should decrease the volume and make lots of spammers desist. [notreasonblog]

Kim du Toit - The Gun Thing Part XIII: Rough Men - on your responsibility to defend yourself and your family against attack. And how the antis refuse to realize this basic fact of nature. [kimdutoit]

Let me take this a step further. Many non-gun-owners, like The Mrs. in her earlier life, just aren't aware of the responsibility of a person to defend themselves and their own against the malevolent.

Unfortunately, a great number of people have gone a step further. Not only are they aware of the responsibility, but they have made a conscious effort to evade it. And that evasion lies at the heart of the gun-banners of today. Not content with evading their responsibility for themselves, they want to remove that responsibility from the human condition altogether, to make that evasion easier on their conscience.

Hence the incredible shrillness of the gun-control and gun-confiscation lobby. They grasp at straws to bolster their argument ("child safety", "assault guns", "Wild West shootouts", "cop-killer bullets", anything, regardless of its truth or value) -- because they know that if they fail, their conscience will rebuke them forever for having shirked one of the most primary, and yes, primal, human instincts -- that of self-protection, and protection of one's family and property

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