Color Code of Readiness

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 25 Apr 2003 12:00:00 GMT
Doing Freedom! April 2003 is available, has likely so for a while, but I forgot to check until yesterday. I usually get alerted by email, but Carl Bussjaeger's computer died and he lost the mailing list when he had to replace it. He needs bucks. If you can afford to, send him some cash or e-gold. [Doing Freedom!]

Claire Wolfe - How Difficult To Be a Man of Principle in a Pragmatic Position - Concerning the NRA's dissing of Ron Paul because he voted against the unconstitutional gun manufacturer lawsuit protection bill. Bravo, Dr. Paul! Boo, NRA! [claire]

Rachel Lucas - Free Speech Primer - well said! [rachel]

Bruce Schneier at Cryptogram - Automated Denial-of-Service Attack Using the U.S. Post Office - Don't like someone? Here's a way to cheaply make thousands of catalogs appear in their snail mail. Ouch.

In December 2002, the notorious "spam king" Alan Ralsky gave an interview. Aside from his usual comments that antagonized spam-hating e-mail users, he mentioned his new home in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The interview was posted on Slashdot, and some enterprising reader found his address in some database. Egging each other on, the Slashdot readership subscribed him to thousands of catalogs, mailing lists, information requests, etc. The results were devastating: within weeks he was getting hundreds of pounds of junk mail per day and was unable to find his real mail amongst the deluge.

Mike Straw - Limited Circumstances, Color Code of Readiness - good description of Jeff Cooper's color code, including what to do after your attacker is down. [stanleyscoop] looks worth a weekly read. Added to my links page in the "Weekly" news section as "Edgar J. Steele". [stanleyscoop]

This is the only source for the absolutely free, somewhat regular and almost always peripatetic newsletter from Edgar J. Steele, occasionally referred to as "Attorney for the Damned."

Steele always discusses politically-incorrect issues of general import and often illustrates his colorful and lively ranting with aspects of the higher-profile cases being handled by his law firm.

Frequent updates and in-depth reports on some cases, designed to provide a viewpoint rarely afforded those who aren't actually sitting at counsel table during trial.

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