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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 21 Apr 2003 12:00:00 GMT
Meprolight makes tritium illuminated gun sights, both metal sights with tritium dots and reflex sights. According to an ad in the May/June issue of American Handgunner, Kimber is now distributing Meprolight sights. This Arizona Gun Runners page charges $400 for a 5.5 MOA dot with an AR-15 forward handle mount. That's a little less than a comparable Trijicon reflex sight.

Docter Optics advertised a nifty-looking small red-dot sight in the May/June issue of American Handgunner. Compact, durable, always on, 6 year battery life, 3.5 or 7 MOA dot. $311 for commercial version or $643 for military/law enforcement version, plus $45 for mount.

Ann Morgan at The Libertarian Enterprise - A Comparison Between Us and the Iraqis - physician heal thyself, says Ms. Morgan. Indeed! [tle]

Peter Vinton, Jr. at The Libertarian Enterprise - Remembering April Nineteenth - American Independence, Waco, Oklahoma City, and the excommunication of Eugene Debs. [tle]

Mike Straw at The Libertarian Enterprise - What Have You Got To Lose? - a rant on why we should shoot any bastards who attempt to take away our guns. Listen good, Schmuckie. [tle]

Jim Peron at Laissez Faire Electronic Times - Beware the Conservatives of the Soul - a good piece on the distinction between conservatives, modern liberals, and classical liberals (libertarians). The first two are socialists, though they use state power for different purposes. This piece concentrates on the conservatives, socialists of the soul. [grabbe]

The socialist concentrates on man's material well-being. He musters all the powers of the state to impose policies which he believes will improve that well being. The conservative concentrates on man's moral well-being (or his spiritual values) and he musters all the powers of the state to impose policies on people which he believes will improve that aspect of man's character. Both the socialist and the conservative believe in using the coercive powers of government though for slightly differing ends. The socialist appeals to compassion while the conservative appeals to morality.

They are both, to a degree, socialists. The Left Socialist uses state power for material well being while the Right Socialist uses it for spiritual purposes. Both are guilty of the same error. They each believe that liberalism is deficient in creating a society that will support such values. Each assumes that unwillingness to use state power to achieve such goals means that the liberal opposes the goals.

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Much obliged; it is refreshing to know my little essay is still snagging the odd reader or two! *grin*

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