Get Your Gulliver out of Your Sharry

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 29 Apr 2003 12:00:00 GMT
Bob Wallace at - From the Inside to the Outside - Mr. Wallace extols the Busheviks to get their gullivers out of their sharries and stop trying to change the world from the outside. Only changes from the inside last.

Chris Floyd at The Moscow Times - Open Book - some folks are making a big deal about how the Iraq war was supported with lies. In the short term, maybe, but the Busheviks published their plans for empire quite a while back and are only following through on those plans. [lew]

Some cynics claim that George W. Bush and his closest advisors -- whom cynics cynically refer to as "bloodthirsty corporate pimps" -- are just a bunch of vicious, shifty liars. But this column takes enormous umbrage at the heaping of such unsupported calumny upon the good names of these great leaders. They have been maligned, slandered, falsely accused. For when it comes to their plans for world conquest, these so-called "pimps" are as honest as the day is long.

As we all know, the rape of Iraq (or as future historians will doubtless call it, "The Dawn of the Shiite Empire") was planned openly several years ago by a hard-right agitprop cell led by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. Now it turns out that the recent big-monkey chest-beating aimed at Syria -- threats of sanctions, "surgical" strikes, and "regime change" -- was also carefully planned, by many of the same people, long before the Bush Regime seized power.

Alan Bock at - Is Somalia a Model? - for a non-centralized government in Iraq? Maybe, says Mr. Bock. [smith2004]

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Keep the United Nations out of Iraq- and America - Dr. Paul has been saying for twenty years that the U.S. should get out of the U.N. All of a sudden, he has lots of company. Urge your congress critter to support H.R. 1146, the "American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003". US out of UN. UN out of US. Now.

I happen to agree with these new critics of the UN, having advocated getting out of the organization for twenty years. Obviously many Americans now want out of the UN because they resent its refusal to sanction our war in Iraq, and certainly America should never let its national security become a matter of UN consensus. But this growing anti-UN sentiment provides an opportunity to make a larger point, namely that participation in the UN is fundamentally incompatible with American sovereignty and the Constitution.

Our current approach of alternately using and ignoring the UN results in the worst of all worlds. When we play along and cite UN resolutions as justification for our actions, we give credibility to the concepts of international law and global government. We give up precious sovereignty not only to the UN, but also through trade agreements and organizations like the WTO and NAFTA. Yet while we cede more and more of our national identity to the globalists, we gain little in exchange. Other nations see us as willing to ignore the global rules when it suits our purposes, and we remain hated and mistrusted by much of the envious world. America would be far better off simply rejecting global government as a concept, and openly embracing true sovereignty.

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