Stay in Your Hat Box, Mr. President

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 09 Dec 2003 13:00:00 GMT
From Chapter 10 of Freehold:
"Prostitution involves sex and free enterprise. Which of these are you opposed to?" -- Joseph A. Hauptman

Doonesbury - 12/8/2003 - cartoon commetary on how the Busheviks managed the tight security necessary to sneak GW into Iraq. Hehe.

Dennis Kucinich 2004 - How Many More? - my title. Powerful anti-war Flash animation (850K). Doesn't say why Dennis Kucinich would do a better job, but definitely makes it clear that Bush must go. Music: Fall of the Moai by Steve Roach. [smith2004]

How many more will die to make this man's rich friends richer?

How many more will die before we find it within ourselves to remove him?

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - The Disappearing Dollar - some advice for GW and Alan Greenspan on how to properly walk their talk on a "strong-dollar policy".

Those who follow financial markets may be familiar with the term "strong-dollar policy," which is used by Bush administration officials and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan himself. One might assume that such a policy entailed a course of action designed to strengthen the value of the U.S. dollar. However, if we judge Fed policy by Mr. Greenspan's actions rather than his words, it appears we have a weak-dollar policy, a policy that erodes the value of your personal savings. The "strong-dollar policy" is nothing more than an empty political slogan.

The inescapable truth is that the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen over 30% in the past year, which to most people would not seem indicative of strength. There are several reasons for this decline, but the single biggest factor has been Mr. Greenspan's relentless increase of the money supply. There are roughly sixteen trillion dollars in worldwide use today, five trillion more than when Greenspan became Fed chair. The law of supply is immutable: When dollars are abundant they are also cheap.

Brad Edmonds at - Why Government Must Be Abolished - books full of evidence testify to this fact but two things are sufficient: government is immoral, taxation is theft no matter what excuse you make for it, and government doesn't work, free-market alternatives are more efficient and effective, even for roads and security. [lew]

Readers frequently fail to recognize my fundamental position, and are shocked when I say such things as "the US Constitution is an irrelevant, ineffective mistake" and "no, we shouldn't be bombing villages in Iraq and Afghanistan." Readers sometimes accuse me of being a communist of one sort or another when I say something contrary to their Republican Party or neo-conservative assumptions.


So that's my stance. Do not confuse a lack of respect for the US Constitution, for the Pledge of Allegiance, or for American pre-emptive wars, with communism. Both the American system of government and old-fashioned Soviet communism have at their root the same mechanism: Lethal force applied to an entire population to provide the government what it wants without the government being required to live up to any promises of recompense.

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