J.J. Johnson Hangs Up His Sierra Times Spurs

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 20 Dec 2003 13:00:00 GMT
Kevin Tuma - Liberty - It's the real thing. Cartoon commentary for Christmas.

J.J. Johnson at Sierra Times - Hangin' up the Spurs - Mr. Johnson has taken another job, so Sierra Times is going to be drastically cut back. I wish him well in his new position and will miss his online rag. This piece had no permanent address, so I copied the whole thing below. [sierra]

After much thought, we regret to inform you that a major reduction or suspension of the Sierra Times will take place as of 12:00 am December 20, 2003 after almost 4 years on the Internet.

Key Reason: J.J. Johnson has accepted a full time position as News Director of a local television station. I have been active in this position for the past two weeks. The position officially starts full time Jan 2, 2004. After lengthy discussion, it has been decided NOT to entirely shut down this web site. Our goal is to strive for complete automation, allowing an administrator to authorize news links, articles, important information, and event notices. Please bear with us while we make the necessary changes until that time.

All accounts payable will be satisfied by January 19, 2004 - 4 years after this publication. All links shall remain active on the Sierra Times. The Sierra Times domain name shall remain active and under the control on J.J. Johnson Enterprises, Inc.

This hurts, but it doesn't. I believe over the long haul, That Ol' News Ranch, Sierra Times did its job. We became a launch pad for dozens of great writers, and great web sites. We broke a lot of news stories. kept a lot of people informed. Media IS changing, and the internet had a lot to do with it. There is too much of a market for mass media to give just one side of the story anymore.

I wish I had time to say thank you to each of you one on one, but I did talk with some of you. I thank everyone for their efforts. And by the way... I never said I was leaving the internet... Cmon - I'm still in the news business. But me and the ranch hands have to move on...

J.J. Johnson

The High Road - Wayne LaPierre on C-SPAN re: McCain-Finegold - discussion on a C-SPAN interview of the president of the NRA. Requires Real Player. My browser didn't grok the link, so I had to start Real Player and paste in this link address: rtsp://video.c-span.org/15days/wj121803_wayne.rm. Recorded on 12/18. 44 minutes.

KeepAndBearArms.com - Taking Back the Second Amendment - the Democrat Party has realized that they can't be openly anti-gun. This is a strategy paper on how they can fool gun owners into believing that they aren't the enemy. So instead of saying that guns should be banned, or keeping quiet on the issue, it encourages them to follow the statistics, say that we have a right to own guns, but close the gun show "loophole", renew the "assault weapons" ban, and strenuously enforce all the existing laws on the books. From KABA's introduction: [geekwitha.45]

This is an 828K .pdf file from the DLC [Democratic Leadership Council] in conjunction with AGS [Americans for Gun Safety]. It comprises their coaching to Democrat leaders and their minions about how to snow gun owners into wasting votes on their so-called "progressive" fascio-socialist candidates by deceiving people into believing they have a clue about the Second Amendment. Please be sure to give this to any and every gun owner you know who might be susceptible to such moronic drivel from the Leftist anti-America moles in politics.

The Martialist is Phil Elmore's online magazine, "The Magazine for Those Who Fight Unfairly". It's been around since May of 2003. I just didn't notice it until now. Some of the content is free, and some requires a $10.00 per year subscription. From the Intro page:

This electronic magazine is devoted to success in self-defense. It contains information written by individuals who share an interest in achieving that goal.


The attitude of martialism is predicated on the idea that society is full of predators. These predators can and will injure and violate you to take from you that which they have not earned.

Some of society's predators covet your property. Some desire your body. Some simply hate you for being you. All will use violence against you (or they would not be predators).

Martialists, therefore, take steps to prepare themselves for confrontations initiated by these predators. They are not swaggering tough guys looking for trouble. They are generally a peaceful lot, who avoid confrontation when morally and logistically feasible. They enjoy life and cherish the gifts of their lives and the lives of their families. They are not paranoid. They are not convinced that everyone is out to get them.

Martialists are, however, dedicated to being as prepared as possible.

Dan Eggen at the Washington Post - Tapes Show Abuse of 9/11 Detainees BugMeNot - some tapes that were reported missing have showed up. They reveal real terrorism by jack-booted thugs against alleged terrorists in detention.

Hundreds of videotapes that federal prison officials had claimed were destroyed show that foreign nationals held at a New York detention facility after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were victims of physical and verbal abuse by guards, the Justice Department's inspector general said yesterday.

Charley Hardman at LewRockwell.com - Our Debt - I've mentioned The White Rose a few times in the past. If you haven't read this story of courage and true patriotism, do so now, both in Mr. Hardman's essay and on the site devoted to them by clicking on the image below. Why is it that Mr. Bush says "freedom" so often? Why is it that I shudder every time I hear him say it?

From the sixth leaflet published by The White Rose:
"Freedom and honor! For ten long years Hitler and his coadjutor have manhandled, squeezed, twisted, and debased these two splendid German words to the point of nausea, as only dilettantes can, casting the highest values of a nation before swine. They have sufficiently demonstrated in the ten years of destruction of all material and intellectual freedom, of all moral substance among the German people, what they understand by freedom and honor. The frightful bloodbath has opened the eyes of even the stupidest German -- it is a slaughter which they arranged in the name of 'freedom and honor of the German nation' throughout Europe, and which they daily start anew. The name of Germany is dishonored for all time if German youth does not finally rise, take revenge, and atone, smash its tormentors, and set up a new Europe of the spirit."
I will let the hate mail flow based upon a comparison I have not made.

The sixth leaflet of The White Rose was its last. They are dead, and have been for over 60 years. Yet they are not entirely dead, because that thing for which they risked their lives and lost is still alive. It is alive in the form of a mirror thrown up against the eyes of every one of us, asking, "Are you worthy to use our words? Are you so worried about your electronic gadgets, your toys, and your palette that you will not contest the state to the point where even those shallow attachments are at risk? Have you allowed our slaughter to mean nothing in your regard? Have your actions further debased the meaning of the concepts 'freedom' and 'honor' we sought to preserve? Did we fight for you?"

Brad Edmonds at LewRockwell.com - Abolishing Government Improves the Roads - if the state were abolished, who would build the roads? Private enterprise, of course. The same people who actually build them now, but with a much more efficient management structure that would make them actually cheaper than they are now. [lew]

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What a shame that scalpers

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What a shame that scalpers took the domain name! How dumb was that? JJ should have kept it for a mere $10 a year.

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