Still Coughing

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 30 Dec 2003 13:00:00 GMT
Edgar J. Steele - Tell a Joke, Go to Jail - on the coming criminalization of anti-semitism in Amerika.
It must drive them crazy, trying to figure out how to disbar me. Of course, the only thing that keeps me quiet about so much that I have seen in the American legal system (names, dates, places) is the certainty of my disbarment if I were to talk openly. For now, my bar ticket is important enough to me to keep me from spilling the beans. Pity. See how it works? And I am among the most outspoken in America today, as recently certified by the Southern Poverty Law Center!

But not much longer. The American clampdown is coming. Fast.

Look to Europe for our future. Already, it is impossible to say the things I say in virtually all European countries and in Canada. Yes, even England, France, Italy and Germany, our erstwhile allies. Especially those countries, in fact.

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