The Most Dangerous Weapons on the Planet

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 19 Jan 2004 13:00:00 GMT
# I delivered a friend to the airport today. In thinking about how I would respond should one of the local gendarmes demand to "inspect" my vehicle and ask if I had any weapons, I came up with the following:
I have a brain that is trained to think and a heart that loves liberty. Those, sir, are the most dangerous weapons on the planet. -- Bill St. Clair
There were three Sheriff's department cars there, but I let out my passenger, retrieved her bags from the back seat, sent her on her way, and drove off without talking to any of their occupants.

# The Hunter at The Price of Liberty - Liberty: The Gold That Does Not Glitter - don't lose hope, oh lovers of liberty. The sword that was broken still holds power, awaiting only the proper time and person to wield it again. [lrtdiscuss]

Freedom as a concept and an ideal is still strong and vibrant in America, whatever the faults of its implementation today. It is too strong to "wither", and the philosophical roots reach so deep that no passing political weather of the day can disturb them. Always they endure beyond the reach of destruction by any tyrant no matter how ambitious.

Just as "Strider" and his forefathers labored and died secret and forgotten for many long years before fulfilling their destiny, so liberty abides throughout this great land. A warning and a promise, it waits in the shadows for the proper time, neither seeking nor needing notice or praise. Even when the fire of freedom might seem to have burned out, it can rise anew like the Phoenix from its own ashes. Despite the gathering gloom the potential is still there for the light to suddenly spring forth dazzling from an unexpected quarter, illumining all for an all-too-brief moment before retreating again to bide its time, hidden safely away beyond the reach of those intending harm.

# Bill Whittle - A Sad Day - Bill has removed his two "Ideal American" essays, 1.0 Introduction & 2.0 Basic Skills, from the front page at Apparently some nay-sayings from past supporters have gotten him down. I posted the following as a comment on part 2, and sent a slightly different version to him via email. [whittle]

The Ideal American essays have disappeared from the main page. There's a clue as to why at, but that is also not available from the main page.

Yo, Bill, no matter what these whiners say, I love your writing, all of it, and I'm not alone. Yes, I whine too, sometimes, but only because I haven't yet learned to emulate your stellar example of remaining optimistic in the face of hardship. Please don't take that away. It's important. Your writing captures the spirit of America. We need to be reminded of that spirit.

Remember, you're not writing chiefly for the people who comment on your posts. You're doing Isaiah's job, writing for the remnant, the silent folks who need to be reminded of the fundemental rightness of the American Ideal they hold in their hearts. And you've been doing that job well. Don't lose heart.

# Kim du Toit - Resolve - advice from the military on how to prepare to defend your family from predators: rigorous practice, dehumanize the enemy, cameraderie. It's your duty. [kimdutoit]

The same is true of self-defense. Under circumstances of great stress, your instincts take over -- and those instincts should include the firing of a gun, that will have come about through hours of practice. There is no other way.


This, by the way, is one of the reasons I don't refer to violent criminals as anything other than "goblins". To me, anyone who will resort to invading a person's home, for whatever reason, is no longer a human being, but a predator -- actually, a raptor (the literal meaning of which is "taker") of life and/or property.

As such, I'm trying to strengthen that perception among my Readers. Unfortunately, as Western civilization has progressed, one of the less-desirable aspects thereof has been to instil in people's minds that violent criminals are just misunderstood, or that their actions are somehow excusable.

They aren't, and this fiction is one of recent vintage. All through millenia of history, men have treated violent criminals with violence, either in situ or through civil punishment. Plato, for instance, talks of execution as a "deterrent", not to deter others, but "so that the criminal may not strike again."


Finally, the army will teach its recruits to kill by instilling cameraderie -- that by killing the aggressor, you're protecting others close to you.

Fortunately, this should need little work on the part of a citizen at the wrong end of a burglary or robbery. Protection of one's loved ones is one of the primal instincts, and suppression of that instinct ("leave it to the police") is one of the basest constructs ever imposed on mankind by our supposed "civilization".


Now quit reading my fevered rantings, and get your ass out to the range. You need to practice, because as I write this, some sociopathic shitbrain may be planning to rob your house or murder your family, tonight.

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