CAPPS II: Coming to an Airport Near You

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Eric Blumrich at Bushflash - Thanks for the Memories - 1.2 meg Flash animation. A reminder of the history of Saddam Hussein's CIA-supported rise to power in Iraq. [smith2004]

# Russ Kent at The Mansfield News Journal - Friend defends man facing gun charges - good article about Hunter's case, including quotes from a phone interview with Sunni Maravillosa. The latest news is that he's home and tired, but it doesn't appear as if anyone searched his house. [clairefiles]

"It would be ironic if Jeff becomes one of the last casualties in Ohio of the kind of gun laws responsible Ohioans have been working against so hard for so long," Sunni Maravillosa, a long-time friend of Jordan, said.


The highway patrol reported that additional weapons, several swords and a machete were found in the vehicle.

Brightbill said Jordan had every right to have those items.

"As far as the swords, my client is a big 'Lord of the Rings' fan," Brightbill said. "He's let me know that those are swords that he took to Kansas at Christmas to show his nieces and nephews, who are also fans of those movies."

DeSanto said the only charges Jordan faces are related to the two handguns. A rifle was found locked in a case in the vehicle, which is legal in Ohio.


Round Table file
  • Information posted on the Liberty Round Table's Web site states:
  • It is a group of friends who share the goal of living in a truly free society.
  • It is not a club, corporation, business concern or fraternal organization. The LRT does not have members, is not exclusive, and has no criteria that must be satisfied to join. One need not be a Knight of Non-Aggression to associate with the LRT.
  • A government (or state) is an organization of individual people that claims to have the authority to exercise a monopoly on the use of institutionalized aggression (tyranny) over a certain geographic region. Government is force, the state is organized aggression.

# Publicola - In Ohio they've passed a Shall Issue Concealed Carry Permit law - commentary on CCW in Ohio. I agree with him that licensing a right is garbage, but I still think it's good to have some legal way to carry self defense tools. I may eat my words, however, when they start confiscating weapons. And the CCW lists are a perfect place to start. This PDF (671K) at is the final version of the bill. I don't know if it differs from the HB 0012 link at that I've been using everywhere. [publicola]

# Bill Whittle - The Sleep of the Jacksonians (and What to Do about It) - Mr. Whittle classifies his friends as Jacksonians and outlines the topic of his next series of essays. [whittle]

I have long maintained that the threat from Islamist terrorism, while real and potent, presents no long-term threat to an awakened and determined America. We are fighting -- and winning -- that battle as we speak. Far more pernicious is the battle for the very idea of what this country is and should be, a culture war that prior to 9/11, we were losing and losing badly -- if for no other reason than the fact that we elected not to fight it at all.

It is this fight I feel I must now turn us toward -- the battle for the soul of this civilization that has given so much to so many. Taking a cue from the brilliant military successes we have gained in Afghanistan and Iraq, it will require a different strategy and different tactics. Rather than a single blast of buckshot at a solitary, huge target, I feel that we'll have to start plinking at smaller things with higher-powered ammo. It's my hope that for the next several months, you will see these smaller and perhaps less soaring essays as part of a larger, more tightly themed book, for that is what they will be.

# Sara Kehaulani Goo at The Washington Post U.S. to Push Airlines for Passenger Records BugMeNot - coming to an airport near you, this year: CAPPS 2 and registered/trusted traveler. "Oh, you're a party member. Go on through, comrade." [clairefiles]

The TSA said the new computerized system is to provide a more thorough approach to screening passengers. It will collect travelers' full name, home address and telephone number, date of birth and travel itinerary. The information will be fed into large databases, such as Lexis-Nexis and Acxiom, that tap public records and commercial computer banks, such as shopping mailing lists, to verify that passengers are who they say they are. Once a passenger is identified, the CAPPS 2 system will compare that traveler against wanted criminals and suspected terrorists contained in other databases.

The two-step process will result in a numerical and color score for each passenger. A "red" rating means a passenger will be prohibited from boarding. "Yellow" indicates that a passenger will receive additional scrutiny at the checkpoint and a "green" rating paves the way for a standard trip through security. Also factored into one's score will be intelligence about certain routes and airports where there might be higher-rated risks to security.


In the push forward on CAPPS 2, U.S. officials said the TSA is to soon begin forcing the airlines to turn over their passenger reservation lists. No airline responded to the agency's initial request for the documents last fall. U.S. carriers have been reluctant to turn over the data because of negative publicity association with the program.

# - RFC 3092 covers the Etymology of "Foo" and "Bar", and "Foobar", and "Fubar". Hehe. [picks]

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