Ohio CCW, No More Airplane Bathroom Lines

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from kaba:
"Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." -- Albert Einstein

# Harry Browne - Lying for a Living - a reminder to listen to nothing a politician says. He's almost certainly lying. Believe only what he actually does. [lew]

How do you deal with this?

Simple: Whenever a politician starts talking, just close your innocent little ears and pay no attention to him. He's most likely lying -- simply telling you what he hopes will persuade you to give him another chunk of your life.

There is probably no more important lesson that you can learn and take to heart than the simple lesson that politicians don't tell the truth -- and the government program the politicians promise will cure some problem will in fact almost certainly make matters worse.

More government means trouble. There's only one thing a politician can do to help us: repeal laws.

Repeal thousands and thousands of laws.

And I don't mean promise to repeal laws, but actually do it.

Only their actions are meaningful.

Pay no attention to what they say. They make their living by lying.

# Henry Statkowski at Sierra Times - Federal Tyranny, Texas Style; Justice Held in Contempt Simkanin Takes The Stand - Judge John McBryde stopped almost every one of Mr. Simkanin's lawyer's questions. Looks like he'd make a good lamppost decoration. [sierra]

# Max B. Baker at The Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Man guilty of 29 tax violations - Richard Simkanin was found guilty on 29 counts of violating income tax laws, 25 4-year felonies, and 4 1-year misdemeanors. Sentencing is scheduled for April 30. His lawyer expects him to win on appeal, since the judge didn't allow him to present a defense. [claire]

# Sydney Morning Herald - Toilet queuing ban requires tact: Anderson BugMeNot - Get this. The latest bit of stupidity from the Taking Scissors Away folks is a ban on standing in line for the toilet on an airplane. I know no curse words strong enough. I recommend that if you're waiting for the bathroom and somebody tells you to sit down that you whip out your dong right there and pee on them (ladies will have a harder time with this, but, apparently, it is possible). Assholes. Of course a better idea is to never fly on a commercial airline until they allow you to carry the defensive weapon of your choice. [kaba]

# Mark Steyn at The Telegraph - Go ahead, burglar, make my day - why armed homeowners make everybody safer. [kaba]

Well, it's true I subscribe to a gung-ho mentality, but I don't live in a culture of fear. In fact, British friends visiting me in this corner of northern New England from their crime-ridden leafy shires always remark on my blithe unconcern about "home security". I don't have laser alarms, or window locks, or, indeed, a front-door key. Like most of my neighbours, I leave my home unlocked and, when I park the car, I leave the key in the ignition because then you always know where to find it.

I'm able to do this because - and this is where the gung-ho bit comes in - I live in a state with very high rates of gun ownership. In other words, if you're some teen punk and you want to steal my $70 television set, they're likely to be picking bits of your skull out of my wainscoting. But the beauty of this system is that I'm highly unlikely ever to have to blow your head off. The fact that most homeowners are believed to be armed reduces crime, in my neighbourhood, to statistically insignificant levels. Hence, my laconic approach to home security.

# nbc4columbus.com - House, Senate Pass Concealed Weapons Bill: Taft Expected To Sign - Ohio will soon join the ranks of states with shall-issue concealed carry permits. Training requirements are a bit stiffer than most, but still better than no legal concealed carry. Of course, you all know that as far as I'm concerned we all have, from birth, a concealed carry permit that is valid in all 50 states. It requires no background check, no fingerprints, no safety training, no fee, and no wait. It is part of our right to life. It is guaranteed by the second amendment to the United States Constitution. It may not restricted by legislation, no matter how many people vote for it.

The text of the new law is here.

Permit holders are not allowed to carry concealed while driving. They may carry a loaded handgun while driving, but it must be in a holster in plain sight, and they may not touch it. If stopped by law enforcement, they must tell the officer about their permit and the loaded gun, keep their hands in plain sight, stay in the vehicle, and follow all lawful orders. Forfeiting the gun during the stop may be one of those "lawful orders"; the law has a section saying that if the officer takes a gun, he must return it unless he makes an arrest. If a person without a permit has a gun in his car, it must be unloaded and inaccessible. (Sec. 2923.16)

The Ohio Attorney General is allowed to make reciprocity agreements with other states. (Sec. 109.69). [lrtdiscuss]

Ohioans who apply to carry a concealed weapon will have to give fingerprints, a background check, go through 12 hours of training and three hours of training on a firing range. They also will have to acquire special holsters for smaller guns -- the most popular of which conceal firearms in a belt.

The bill also makes the names of permit holders in each county available to reporters who ask a sheriff's department for the names. Taft's insistence on this provision derailed the bill late last year after House lawmakers balked. But House Speaker Larry Householder this week agreed to go along with the requirement, which the Ohio Senate had already informally agreed to.

# Columbus Dispatch via Ohioans for Concealed Carry - Gun bill deal set; Taft on board - another story about the new concealed carry bill in Ohio. [kimdutoit]

# suijurisfreeman at The High Road - I serve Constructive Notice rather than show a 'permit' to carry! - I linked a little while ago to Winston Ward Johnson's Constructive Notice thread at the Claire Files. Same story here, but lots more discussion. [highroad]

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