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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 25 Jan 2004 13:00:00 GMT
Non Sequitur - 2004/01/23 - cartoon commentary on extremist left-wing ideology. Hehe. [tle]

# Catfarmer at The Price of Liberty - One For The Hunter - some thoughts on the arrest in Ohio of Jeff Jordan.

Hunter undoubtedly wasn't jailed for speeding; he was apparently jailed because Ohio did not acknowledge his second amendment rights or his concealed carry licenses issued by other states as he traveled through Ohio. Imagine driving across country and finding that your driver's license was not accepted in Ohio, and being jailed for not having a driver's license issued by the state of Ohio. Imagine trying to book a hotel room with your spouse and being assigned separate rooms because your marriage wasn't valid in Ohio. Imagine having a fender bender on your way through Ohio and being jailed because Ohio chose not to recognize your auto insurance contract. Imagine being detained at the Ohio border because Ohio refused to recognize anyone born outside of Ohio as a US citizen. Imagine helping a stranger in the throes of a heart attack at a rest stop, and landing in jail because your M.D. license wasn't valid in Ohio. Are any of those situations such a far cry from the predicament Hunter has been ensnared by?


Hunter's dilemma concerns anyone with a reason to cross state lines. Lawlessness doesn't result from a shortage of laws: lawlessness results from the failure of law to command respect. Law fails to command respect when it is arbitrary, and enforced capriciously.

Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." To which I would add, never doubt that a small group of thoughtless deranged politicians can destroy the world. Indeed, it's the only (human) thing that ever will.

# John Ross - Mr. Ross Goes to Jefferson City, or The Battle Continues, Part III - comments on oral concerning a challenge to Missouri's new concealed carry law to their Supreme Court on Thursday, January 22. Each side was given 15 minutes to presernt their case. Mr. Ross thinks the court will rule in a couple of weeks, and possibly as early as next week. [ross]

# Joe Johnson at LP News Online - A non-smoker clears the air on smokers' rights - as you should know by now, smoking in restaurants and bars is not a public health issue. It is a property rights issue. Fairly well expounded here. [smith2004]

# Edgar J. Steele - Say the N-Word, Go to Legal Hell - Lonny Rae has finally, over three years after it happenned, been vindicated for calling the man who assaulted his wife a "nigger".

If the courtroom is a "forum for the discovery of truth," then somebody please explain to me why the black guy sat there in front of the judge, walked away and, to this day, has never been charged with a thing.

Yet Lonny Rae and his wife both lost their jobs, he got his foot broken by the town ruffian, then they lost their home and many possessions when they ran out of money, then they had to move away. Because he did the right thing and stood up for his wife's honor. Because he objected to the brutalizing inflicted upon her by the black guy who was never charged with anything.

Already, we have seen that "the truth" is nothing but an accidental byproduct of our courts today. Now, it should be clear to the most casual observer that justice, real justice, often is absent as well.

# - The css-discuss Wiki - lots of CSS information and links. I'm probably going to use a modified version of Tonico Strasser's Flexible Layout for this blog, once I figure everything out. I've gotten the left and middle columns to work. The right column won't be much harder. Then, in sha' allah, I'll go to work at shipping this style with BlogMax.

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