Beat Yourself Up

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Beat Yourself Up

Yesterday, the right hand side of the link line at the bottom of the header section was a link to "toggle css". Today, it says (if you have JavaScript enabled) "toggle: css comments". Clicking on "css" toggles the style sheet off and back on. Clicking on "comments" toggles the comment counting off and on. With comment counting off, there is no extra trip to the server to count comments, so the page displays quicker. The drawback is that you can't tell if there are any comments other than by clicking on the "Comments" link. I did this mostly for myself while creating the pages, but you may find it useful.

# - Floating a scaleable drop cap - how to make the drop-cap in the paragraph above. Lots of other CSS tutorials, including a very simple three-column layout. I'd use that one, but it requires the text for the side columns to precede the content, and I want my content to come first.

# Kim du Toit - Hunting The South Texas Bowling Pin - an account of a big shoot, complete with photos of the shooters, a list of the guns, and a graphic depiction of the radical power differential between the current military poodle shooter (.223 Remington, aka 5.56 NATO) and a real rifle (.45/70). [kimdutoit]

# Declan McCullagh at - Dean should come clean on privacy - Worse then even Bush? Could be. [noloconsentire]

Fifteen months before Dean said he would seek the presidency, however, the former Vermont governor spoke at a conference in Pittsburgh co-sponsored by smart-card firm Wave Systems where he called for state drivers' licenses to be transformed into a kind of standardized national ID card for Americans. Embedding smart cards into uniform IDs was necessary to thwart "cyberterrorism" and identity theft, Dean claimed. "We must move to smarter license cards that carry secure digital information that can be universally read at vital checkpoints," Dean said in March 2002, according to a copy of his prepared remarks. "Issuing such a card would have little effect on the privacy of Americans."

Dean also suggested that computer makers such as Apple Computer, Dell, Gateway and Sony should be required to include an ID card reader in PCs--and Americans would have to insert their uniform IDs into the reader before they could log on. "One state's smart-card driver's license must be identifiable by another state's card reader," Dean said. "It must also be easily commercialized by the private sector and included in all PCs over time--making the Internet safer and more secure."

# Adam Bulger at New York Press - Libertarians at the Gate - Mr. Bulget talks with Jim Lesczynski, Bernard Goetz, and David Kaczynski about libertarian principles, mostly drugs. [survivalarts]

His [Jim Lesczynski] Midwestern roots show when asked if the Manhattan Libertarians support the legalization of marijuana.

"Darn right we do!"

And crystal meth?

"You bet! I think it should be just as easy to get a fix at Duane Reade as it is to buy a tube of toothpaste."


"This whole smoking ban," he observes, "is Bloomberg's way of keeping the niggers down."

I look over at him, wide-eyed, as I wash my hands at the sink. This is the organization's media rep talking. To a journalist.

"I mean that metaphorically--it's about keeping the riff raff down," he adds.

Oh, I think. Thanks for clearing that up.

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