Dancing Hillary

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 27 Jan 2004 13:00:00 GMT
# At reader request, I added back the link line at the bottom of the header section. I have also been informed that my new layout fails utterly in Netscape 4.5. I'm not too surprised. So, if you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you should see a "toggle css" link at the end of the link line. Click it to disable the style sheet. Click it again to re-enable it. It won't work if you have cookies disabled.

# Miniclip.com - Dancing Hillary - hilarious Flash animation. Make sure you push all the buttons. And don't miss Dancing Bush or United We Dance or any of the other dancing & shows. Hehe. They're around 400K each. [muth]

# Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - January 2004: Turnover - 100 years from first flight to Mars, "Comfort and convenience are very nice things, but they hardly offer a fair trade for virtue or honorable conduct", more hundredth anniversaries; Smith & Wesson's "dino pistol"; a charming anecdote from a long time shooting friend (worth clicking the link just to read this); "moon guns", and the friendliness of the Steyr Scout; the antis envy our peace of mind; kudos for Jim West's "Co-Pilot"; a short crocodile story; the great bear wars of New Jersey; reaching hunters who do not understand the Bill of Rights; proper system of readiness for rifle handling in the field; the Mars landing; Jeff likes George at the sights; Boy Scout Honor Council speech; silly unisex; silly litigation; Norinco replicas; why you join the army; perfect shot group; bison hunting in Alberta; C Stories being printed for proofing; the importance of bearing arms.

So we welcome the year 2004 with high hopes as with stern awareness of the problems we face. Liberty is what we stand for. Liberty is what we champion. Liberty will prevail.

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