The AWB Must Die!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:00:00 GMT - Budget Party - cartoon commentary on who gets the bill when the U.S. government makes a budget. Hehe. [tle]

# GeekWithA.45 - The AWB Fight is NOW - Why the so-called "assault weapons" ban is important. Why you should call your senator today to oppose adding a ban renewal to the unrelated S.659, the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act". Why you should write your representative, again if you've done so, to remind him/her to kill the AWB, even if it arrives attached to S.659. The geek has a list of links to other bloggers' coverage of this issue here. So call your senators at 202-224-3121, and write your representative, whose contact information you can find via, soon. [geekwitha.45]

# Vin Suprynowicz at The Las Vegas Review-Journal - Won't you help Steve Woods get a hot meal? - I'll help.

# Iloilo M. Jones at Free West - Guns and Roses, (with thanks to pigs, too) - a short story about the proper consequences for attempting to steal property for non-payment of taxes. [freewest]

# Fran Tully at Free West - I Will Not INITIATE Force or Fraud... - "Free West" is Fran Tully's new weblog, begun last Thursday. This is a short essay about the fact that very soon millions of Americans will be backed into a corner and will defend themselves. But we will not initiate the violence. [freewest]

# The New Hampshire Union Leader - Packing heat: Concealed carry permits not needed - an editorial in support of SB 454 to eliminate the need for a permit to carry concealed in New Hampshire. Old news, since SB 454 has already been approved by New Hampshire's senate, but great to see this kind of editorial in a mainstream newspaper. [geneice]

# The North Caucus is an interesting place. Very interesting. [lrtdiscuss]

# Peter J. Mancus via Liberty Round Table Discuss - Objection - Mr. Mancus expresses his objection to David Codrea being investigated for writing a letter containing some rhetorical questions. [lrtdiscuss]

As sweeping generalizations, I believe this: 1) The United States Constitution has more domestic enemies than foreign ones; 2) Far too often a courthouse is where Liberty under the Constitutional Rule of Law is murdered by governments' agents under color of law; 3) Too many judges are not the Guardian of Liberty, and their black robes symbolize the spread of a virulent version of a legal bubonic plague--statism and collectivism, which is driving Liberty from the land and is allowing a tyranny of the majority to defecate on this nation's core principles, reducing the individual and individual rights to legal irrelevancies and expendable anachronisms; 4) Words are, sadly, far too plastic and far too malleable; 5) The Second Amendment does guarantee an individual right to bear arms which shall not be infringed, which is binding on the states and their subdivisions; 6) David Codrea, Angel Shamaya [Director of KeepAndBearArms,] Brian Puckett [part of KABA's brain trust] and/or I [and others,] at any moment, can discuss intelligently the Second Amendment with any one in the entire world, hold our own exceptionally well, and convince most listeners that the Second Amendment does guarantee an individual right to arms; 7) ". . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." is, arguably, as clear, as strong and as unequivocal a "bright line" that anyone can create with words that separates government's powers from the people's rights . . . and this is especially true when one factors in the Bill's preamble when construing the Second; 8) The Second is every American's CCW permit; 9) All laws that purport to place a prior restraint on the manufacture, sell, transportation, distribution, purchase, possession, ownership, and/or carrying of any form of a firearm are unconstitutional, period; 10) California's CCW laws are unconstitutional; 11) Any one who tells you that you must beg them for their permission to carry a firearm for lawful self-defense or defense of others and/or waive privacy and/or pay a fee, etc. is an enemy. Hence, Gray Davis, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, most California legislators, most of California's police chiefs and sheriffs, and many judges are enemies . . . and elitists; 12) Peace officers come in various varieties--sworn peace officer, law enforcement officer, enforcer, government goon, sociopath, and useful idiots for tyrant wannabees; 13) Just as Saddam was dethroned, some judges need to be pulled off the bench; 14) Most politicians are, at best, political fecal matter; 15) This nation has broken faith with the Founders' and the Framers' vision; 16) We were not united before 9-11 and we are even less united now; 17) The choice between Liberty and Security is a false one. The two are not mutually exclusive. The best way to achieve the best reconciliation of the two and the most of both is to always "err" on the side of Liberty; 18) Many cops today are "enforcers" or worse, meaning they will enforce anything to protect their income stream; 19) There is a small, absolute, no compromise, hard core of citizens in this nation who have this firm mind set: No more Ruby Ridges! No more Waco's!, and this hard core is the nucleus, or catalyst, for the world's largest, latent, guerrilla force--one committed to restoring the Constitutional Rule of Law by force of arms, if necessary, as a last, desperate, final effort to negate Tyranny; 20) This nation's sheeple do not recognize the aggression that is being waged against them and their rights by language perversion as a weapon. The only aggression they comprehend is one nation crossing an international border with arms; and 21) The odds are high that civil authority will make a tragic misstep that will trigger a civil war in this nation, and an armed citizenry will win that snarly, brutish, war.

# George Paine at Warblogging - Total Information Awareness Moved to NSA - TIA was dead, or so we thought. Not! [warblogging]

# Roy Childs at No Treason - Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand - Mr. Childs attempts to convince Ms. Rand that anarcho-capitalism is the only political philosophy that is consistent with the non-initiation of force. [notreasonblog]

No one can evade the fact that, historically, the state is a blood-thirsty monster, which has been responsible for more violence, bloodshed and hatred than any other institution known to man. Your approach to the matter is not yet radical, not yet fundamental: it is the existence of the state itself which must be challenged by the new radicals. It must be understood that the state is an unnecessary evil, that it regularly initiates force, and in fact attempts to gain what must rationally be called a monopoly of crime in a given territory. Hence, government is little more, and has never been more, than a gang of professional criminals. If, then, government has been the most tangible cause of most of man's inhumanity to man, let us, as Morris Tannehill has said, "identify it for what it is instead of attempting to clean it up, thus helping the statists to keep it by preventing the idea that government is inherently evil from becoming known.... The 'sacred cow' regard for government (which most people have) must be broken! That instrument of sophisticated savagery has no redeeming qualities. The free market does; let's redeem it by identifying its greatest enemy---the idea of government (and its ramifications)."

This is the only alternative to continuing centuries of statism, with all quibbling only over the degree of the evil we will tolerate. I believe that evils should not be tolerated---period. There are only two alternatives, in reality: political rule, or archy, which means: the condition of social existence wherein some men use aggression to dominate or rule another, and anarchy, which is the absence of the initiation of force, the absence of political rule, the absence of the state. We shall replace the state with the free market, and men shall for the first time in their history be able to walk and live without fear of destruction being unleashed upon them at any moment---especially the obscenity of such destruction being unleashed by a looter armed with nuclear weapons and nerve gases. We shall replace statism with voluntariasm: a society wherein all man's relationships with others are voluntary and uncoerced. Where men are free to act according to their rational self-interest, even if it means the establishment of competing agencies of defense.

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