Happy Monday Me Droogies

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:00:00 GMT
# Kirk Muse at the Pakistan Daily Times via DrugSense - Don't Follow Us - a letter to the editor recommending that the rest of the world observe the abject failure of the United States' war on drugs and do the opposite. Indeed! [drugsense]

# Google - Ibogaine is in the news as a cure for heroin addiction. I heard a blurb about it on the Wakin' Up with the Wolf radio show driving to work this morning. Wolf promised to put it on his web site, but I don't see it there yet. He said it's got three strikes against it, 1) it comes from a plant, not a chemistry lab, 2) it's hallucinogenic, 3) it's illegal in the United States. One of Ibogaine's loudest proponents is Patrick K. Kroupa, two of whose stories I have archived: Addiction is a hole in your soul and Ibogaine Works.

# Claire Wolfe - Ian on Mojo Sights for low-end rifles - a review of Mojo Sights aperature front and rear iron sights. Hard to install, but work much better than the factory rear slot. [claire]

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