April 2005

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 01 May 2005 10:56:58 GMT
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Friday, 1 April: April Fool's, 2005

Saturday, 2 April: It Better End Soon Sunday, 3 April: Bupe Monday, 4 April: The Bill of Priveleges Tuesday, 5 April: New Toys Coming, Compliments of my Mom Wednesday, 6 April: Happy 49th Birthday to Me Thursday, 7 April: Limitless Oil Friday, 8 April: Mike Campese Saturday, 9 April: Google Maps Adds Keyhole Sunday, 10 April: Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law Monday, 11 April: The Petition for Peace Tuesday, 12 April: Reset Fixed My Broken iPod Click Wheel Wednesday, 13 April: Gay Time Preference Thursday, 14 April: WhosARat? Friday, 15 April: Buy a Gun Day 2005 Saturday, 16 April: Bullet Forge and B. Jones Sights Sunday, 17 April: Tyrannicide.org Monday, 18 April: Rest in Pieces, Old Elephant Tuesday, 19 April: Waco Plus Twelve Wednesday, 20 April: Environmental Emergency? Not! Thursday, 21 April: Buy Frank's t-shirts or I will shoot you Friday, 22 April: GreenZap Saturday, 23 April: Gun Control = Slavery Sunday, 24 April: Big Band Jazz Weekend Monday, 25 April: Indicting the Injustice System Tuesday, 26 April: Jefferson's Ideology, Hamilton's Government Wednesday, 27 April: Police = Standing Army Thursday, 28 April: Those Were the Days Friday, 29 April: The "Christian" Mafia Saturday, 30 April: Judge Murders Trial by Jury in Philly

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