Buy Frank's t-shirts or I will shoot you

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 21 Apr 2005 12:00:00 GMT
# sarahk - IMAO contest shoot - Sarah's photo shoot for the IMAO T-Shirt Babe. Below is her winning picture, which shows her attitude well, but does not display her most ample boobage nearly as well as some of the other photos. [mountaineer]
Buy Frank's t-shirts or I will shoot you
Buy Frank's t-shirts or I will shoot you

# Bill Ross at Strike the Root - The 'Rule of Law' - an indictment of the concept that a judge, or group of judges, can act as the last opinion on anything. How the "rule of law" is misinterpreted by our "masters" and what it should really mean. [root]

Given the fact that those who wield force under color of law are by definition numerically inferior (but better armed with weapons we have provided to them) to those who must tolerate their actions, the "rule of law," to be useful must have some advantage able to achieve voluntary consent from a broad base of individuals who would otherwise organize to overthrow it like any other oppressive ruler throughout history.


The above conflict minimization and goal-seeking considerations results in a precise definition of "the rule of law":

- "the suppression of forceful and fraudulent methods of goal seeking"

- "all are treated equally by the law." This means ALL, including king and judges

- "absolute property rights"

# Lew Rockwell at - Should We Buy American? - sure, if the American version of the product is the best value. But buying American just because it's American is counterproductive, for everybody.

Some of the most vociferous attacks on free trade in recent years have come from religious lobbies, and are led by people who believe that they have the best interests of the workers in mind. They call on us to buy products labeled fair trade, or to boycott growers who employ low-cost labor, or to refuse products made by international corporations operating in the third world, or to join protestors at any international conferences where it is believed that the conspirators inside are seeking to lower barriers to trade. They do all of these things under the conviction that to limit the right to buy and sell is part of the mission of spreading the social gospel.

Actually, what they are doing is raising the prices of consumer products, harming opportunity for workers to find good employment, hindering growth of economies in the developing world, and inadvertently serving as foot soldiers for the mercantile interest groups that seek to shield themselves from more efficient but foreign competitors. Their campaigns may be cast in a different light, but the substance of their program is no different from those who say that we should only buy American, which in turn makes no more logical sense than a campaign to buy only Michigan, or buy only Lansing, or, reductio ad absurdum, buy only from me.

# Fran Tully at Free West - Field Test - Utilikilts - Mr. Tully went camping in his new Utilikilt. He liked it. [freewest]

I admit it was also a bit awkward manually pulling fabric under my butt when I sat on a seat. Bending over is a new experience too. I learned to be aware of which direction the wind is coming from. Once or twice, I had the feeling I was giving the neighbors a glimpse of my plumber's crack from the ground up, but nobody said anything, so I don't know for sure. Oddly, NOBODY even commented on the fact that I was wearing a kilt except for my 5 year old daughter who said, "Dad, why are you wearing a skirt?" and my 7 year old who lifted the back up to see what I had on underneath. Her gasp and snicker said it all. In stores, it was amazing that people hardly even seemed to notice. Clerks smiled to greet me, but no more than usual and never appeared to glance down or raise an eyebrow. The funniest was the National Guardsman who noticed me, did a double take, and then pretended not to notice me. Several times I would notice him looking at me, but when I would look right at him, he always seemed to be busy reading ingredients on bottles. I thing he was concerned that the camo kilt might become summer issue BDU's. :-)

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